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The Main Things You Should Know about the RTP of your Gambling Software.

08 Nov 2021

What is a RTP of the Mobile Slots?

The potential win in slots for mobile or RTP (return to player) is determined in percentages. Usually, this indicator reaches 92-97%. It is set by the gambling software manufacturer and indicated in the table of payments. You may find this information either on the official website of the developer or in the description of the mobile slots. RTP is considered to be honest and transparent, only if your slots for mobile are licensed. Therefore, all reliable casinos prefer gambling software only from verified suppliers. At the same time, one and the same brand may have mobile slots with both low and extremely high return rates. For example, if the slot machine shows 95%, it means the player can get this amount of the general bet, with the remaining 5% being kept by the casino. But sometimes, you may win a jackpot after the second spin and sometimes, you need to make endless bets in mobile slots until you get some reward. Why is that? It is explained by the variance.

How does variance of mobile slots work?

What gambling software variance? This is the ratio of the level of the player’s risk and the generosity of the machine. This parameter is not indicated directly in the description of the mobile slot, or in the payout table. You will not find it on the official website of the manufacturer of gambling software either. It is possible to discover it either in the course of the game after you analyze statistics or by a simpler method — by studying the winning coefficients of slots for mobile. Medium and low-range mobile slots are attractive if the user does not want to get big wins, but plays only for fun. If at the same time RTP level is high, then there is a high chance to get small winnings. High volatility prepares the player for high rates and endless bets. The RTP of such mobile slots is not so important, because it reaches its real value only after hundreds of spins and high bets.

How to choose mobile slots based on RTP?

The optimal approach is to select slots for mobile with a high level of return, then look at the payout tables and rate their volatility. Those players who are chasing high wins must be ready to invest a lot of money in high-speed mobile slots with an RTP level of not less than 95-97%. For those who play just for fun and are happy about small victories, it is enough to focus on low-dispersion slots, for mobile.
Licensed gambling software suppliers have strict rules concerning RTP parameters. It is being set at the stage of mobile slots development, and operators cannot change them afterward. So it is vital to play slots for mobile-only from reputable manufactures and on fully licensed sites. It will protect players from any type of fraud.