Create an online casino platform in Africa with Imperium-Games Online gambling is popular among players from all over the world. In Europe, Asia and America it has already become a huge industry. In recent years, entrepreneurs have become interested in regions such as Africa. The possibility to open a profitable business here attracts both beginners and experienced operators. Imperium-Games offers a comprehensive guide to help you get to know the African iGaming market better. The peculiarities of working in each region as well as the main benefits of online slots gaming software and betting products will allow you to choose a lucrative business direction. Contact us to order the… more
Gambling business in 2021: trends and market prospects The gambling industry is one of the few sectors of activity that has not only successfully recovered from the economic crisis of 2020, but has also grown tremendously. Starting a casino business is the most profitable investment for the coming years. The Imperium-Games team permanently observes market trends and has created a list of the most promising directions. Also near the end of the article, we will talk in detail about sweepstakes software. Germany Since 2016, there has been rapid growth in the online sector. During the last reporting period, the gambling business brought more than 350 million euros to… more
Ready-made solutions for bitcoin casino development What is a bitcoin casino? This is a gambling site where the main or one of the payment methods is cryptocurrency. Bitcoins can be accepted in almost all popular games: roulette, poker, dice, classic slots, and more. A common example of bitcoin's impact on the business is the game “Dice”. It is a dice game that, after the implementation of cryptocurrency, just hit the big time. Now the turnover of Dice amounts to thousands of bitcoins, which, in terms of the dollars we are used to, is astonishing. A crypto casino platform on this basis is a new trend. Bitcoin… more
Slot Machines by Igrosoft: You need it Igrosoft is a Russian company engaged in the production of casino games for cafes and gambling halls. After slot machines were banned in the Russian Federation, Igrosoft started to create software for online casinos. The first released video slot from the introduced developer came out in 2012. To date, the company has relocated all its land-based slot machines to the realm of online. To please fans of traditional gambling genuine slots from Igrosoft, contact Imperium-Games. Imperium-Games offers its customers the opportunity to establish casino software from the world's major providers in their online casinos. Here casino software can be both… more
iGaming casino platform management: the peculiarities of work The iGaming industry has been growing for a long time, but there has never been such a global leap as in 2020. Mass bans on visits to land-based gambling clubs forced gamblers to move to the online space. In May 2020 alone, the digital market grew by 6%. According to the forecasts of RevenueLab, the growth trend will continue, and in 2021 the income of the online sector will grow another 10%. The Imperium-Games team has prepared a list of the major changes in the industry and the most promising trends. Gaming site operators should pay attention to such trends:… more
Opening a casino in Malaysia: All Information The Gaming Business in Malaysia is growing rather slowly because of certain specifics of domestic policy. Nevertheless, the online gambling sector is gaining more and more attention. Online gambling with real money has become a great substitute for real casinos. The idea of opening a casino in this jurisdiction can be the origin of an extremely lucrative company. That is why aspiring operators often wonder where to discover quality turnkey casino software in Malaysia. The Imperium-Games team has researched the nuances of Malaysian online gambling in order to help you find the correct way to grow your business and make… more
The way gamblers select Internet casinos: Main factors Despite the fact that the Web is full of all sorts of platforms, players are regularly using one or two sites, ignoring the multiplicity of others. How do gamblers decide on an online casino, and which operators are worth paying attention to? The Imperium-Games team will give answers to these issues. Why players prefer certain casinos: 5 main factors Criteria for selecting online casinos can be very diverse but availability has always been and continues to be an essential point in favor of gambling websites. Whereas to be allowed to attend a land-based place, you have to dedicate time to… more
Investing in casinos: a profitable business The gambling business has been around for hundreds of years, and it has undergone all sorts of transformations. It has changed from a semi-legal business to a rather perspective and lucrative manner of income earning. The overwhelming majority of societies have a system of direct oversight designed to monitor the gambling business - from a strong legal response to a complete ban of gambling places on the territory of the country. The best way to invest In order to begin profiting online, you must adhere to a list of several requirements: a permanent Internet connection, online casino platform, knowledge of… more
Streaming the casino: What is the point From player to streamer: the basics Prior to handling live broadcasts, you must initially become a real gambler yourself. The crucial thing is the first stake. Once the average person transforms into a player of chance, he starts to be curious about the practices of others, and then there is the occasional stream. If there is a sufficiently enthusiastic person on the other side of the monitor who narrates entertaining things about the game experience and generally does good work, it will definitely engage and pique the attention of the community. So, in case you have some competency and passion… more
Slot games. Helpful information Slots are amusement machines that are turned on by inserting a coin into a little hole and pressing a trigger, whereas in Online slots it is merely by clicking a button. Slots are simple to run, and you can realize a predetermined game strategy in them. Becoming a member of slot entertainment, you find yourself guided by destiny. Cafe casino games are the simplest club fun and some of the most recognized. However, we encourage you to explore this writing and game guide template if you are researching the vast web slots universe. Let's start with the basics, practice, generally… more
Casino Platform: Selecting Reliable Software Gaming business with slots can achieve results only if you have proper software on your project. If the entrepreneur chooses the wrong software, the launch will be condemned to the mishap. The major point that the organizer of a gambling company ought to pay careful heed to is the online casino platform. This system has entertaining content and management software to run the business. What should be incorporated Casino gaming platforms (or systems) are the backbone of the gambling software. They make it easy to maintain all online resources. Such a solution must be comfortable both for the organizer and… more
Gambling in Thailand: A fresh surge of demand in 2021 Thailand is a paradise for those looking for fun and exotic entertainment. Travelers here will experience the splendor of sunny tropical beaches, heady weather, lavish nightspots, and amazingly affordable prices. The only drawback is that gambling in Thailand is strongly illegal. If gambling were allowed to become legitimate in this country, U.S. casinos would incur tremendous damage. The local government office periodically tries to liberalize regulations related to betting, but the outcome seems to be frustrating. More information can be read in this article. Casino platform in Thailand: the nuances of business The Land-Based Sector Countering any kind of gambling,… more
5 Essential Practices in Online Casino Business Internet games have taken a strong position in the gambling scene and are quickly gaining turnover. In European economies, 15% of revenues originate from online casinos. By official data, approximately 15 million users choose to gamble online today. Why is the gambling business so prosperous, how to lure new members, and what challenges do owners routinely experience? We are going to discuss these issues. ` Searching for a Audience Generally, online gambling sites are frequented by individuals similar to those who go to land-based establishments. Online operators should work hard to draw in gamblers and retain them. For this purpose,… more
Five key marketing tools for promoting Internet casinos Here is an in-depth overview of the basic concepts of professional casino marketing, with further study. The following recommendations will help you to enhance your website and allow you to be ready to receive favorable affiliate offers. Check out the options below and see if you can implement them into your own gaming resource. Advertising an online gambling business is a multifaceted affair, and it is hard to underestimate how relevant it is. For your gambling enterprise to thrive and be effective, you need to shape your marketing program competently. Although almost every entrepreneur knows that he or she is… more
Buy Casino Tables: Pokie casino software for you Owning a casino business, either virtual or real, is becoming very trendy these days. No doubt there are many countries where gambling is illegal, but there are still several jurisdictions where gambling is both legal and lucrative for those who own casinos. These are the kinds of places we have been interested in for a long time, and we help companies develop business there. Searching for casino tables to buy, but are they virtual or real? Which one is actually preferable? Check out the information below and take a look at the contrasts between these types of gambling. Land-based Casino… more
A study on the conditions of the gambling industry in Greece So, Greece has both mainland and island territories - everywhere in the whole country all kinds of gambling for money are fully legalised. The country's land-based gambling industry is concentrated in the continental part and on three islands: Corfu, Syros, and Rhodes. Most casinos work seven days a week and receive visitors on a round-the-clock basis. Fetax and slots, apollo and poker! The very first establishment opened back in 1928. At the moment, the gaming industry in Hellas is represented by 10 offline casinos and a magnificent online space since 2011, where we advise you to soon open a turnkey… more
You can involve Millennials to your casino How do you can involve Millennials to hang out in a casino? It will take more than just updating our slots collection to win the favour of the people we want. Studies reveal that millennials are wasting their money on other forms of entertainment. They are also more focused on honesty, on transparency of all processes, we have already written about our btc gambling platform, and how this helps in today's realities. Does the entertainment sector face challenges in winning over those born at the end of the twentieth century - the generation that is on its way to getting… more
HTML5 games for online casinos: The subtleties of the challenge Over the years, people have used Adobe's Flash technology to create slot games. In the old days, it was a real lifesaver, as it spared players from having to download slot machine software to their computer. Today, new times have an advantage, anyway, and the good old Flash format can't deal with modern concepts and developments. It has been gradually replaced by HTML5 slots. These days you can buy HTML5 casino games from Imperium-Games, and on our website you can choose the slots from the developers you prefer, choose the right gambling casino platform. HTML5 was originally created for the… more
Top of game providers for online casinos At present, Internet casinos are treated as a serious opponent of land-based clubs. And if we talk about major developments in the sphere of cyber gambling, such business can become much more lucrative than classic physical locations. Following the law of large numbers, the casino wins in any case. Therefore, at this point, to start such a project is to guarantee yourself a permanent income with minimum operating costs. Without a solid initial capital, of course, nobody is able to create an online casino, because this requires a reliable software platform, the availability of dedicated servers and successful marketing. Nevertheless,… more
The advantages of decentralization in your gambling business On how to open a blockchain casino in 2021: The Reliable Way If we believe the statistics, by 2023, the business owners will gain 82 billion dollars in revenues due to virtual gambling. The gambling industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, but the current legislation is no longer able to fully monitor this industry, and users are still distrustful of gambling sites. Blockchain technology can be a ubiquitous remedy for many problems. It is increasingly being used for their own business purposes by business owners. Thus, it is time to think about how you can… more
To Buy Online Casino Business Surely anyone who has been in the world of gambling, wished to find themselves on the other side of the screen to feel like a casino owner.  No wonder, as playing in a casino is always charming. It makes you fantasize about winning and doesn't let you quit the game due to the endless burst of adrenaline in your blood. Can you imagine how much money there is in this world? But what if you pretend that all that money is yours? But the majority of those who want to start their own income, do not achieve their goal because… more
Benefits of the Mexican and Peruvian Gaming Markets Promising markets As all knowledgeable people say, Latin America is regarded as one of the most promising regions for the gambling industry. Historically, the local population has taken an active part in gaming and all kinds of sports betting. What a lovely place ! However, the casino business in this area has its own specific conditions, which should be taken into account by businessmen before starting new projects in Mexico and Peru. Now we will tell you in detail about all the aspects so that your script online casino would definitely work right! Mexico A bit of history Mexicans are… more
How To Open Internet Cafe Software All You Have To Know When it comes to starting an online casino, the question of how to get it launched seems complicated these days. Anyway, establishing an online casino tends to take less time and money than a classic casino. And who are we without online? Each part plays an important role in the future success of the site. Software, advertising, website domain and after all, a wide range of entertainment for future players, internet cafe sweepstakes software, slots. Come on, let's get to the basics of online casino development. Credible Site Domain And a remarkable name. At the moment,… more
Online Gambling Mobile Casino Gaming is our passion, imagination is our fuel Online casino owners are becoming more conscious of the value of integrating their offers into the mobile space and are investing in developing a mobile version of their casino software. As with any other product, using one mobile casino software over another certainly has many different features and advantages.  You can buy html5 casino software, which is designed according to the recent trends of today's gaming industry, where both security and attraction of customers are the most essential elements. Quick and Flexible Approach is The Key To Our Leadership And Prosperity We… more
Bitcoin Casino Next Step. Turnkey online casino Decentralize it The idea of groups reaching consensus in a decentralized yet formulaic way is one extremely powerful idea from crypto. We can help you start an online casino using any cryptocurrency that you prefer. You came to the right place. No gambling license required (It’s deregulated). Our crypto casino platform customers enjoy fastest deposits and withdrawals, largest deposit bonuses and no fees! You’ll enjoy reduced overhead as You don’t have to hire outsiders (third parties) to process payments like You do processing credit card deposits. Our BTC gambling platform  is extremely secure. The way that blockchain can secure the… more
Skillmine Software. Turnkey casino software We've Got Some Skills Online casino software is a crucial factor for any business dealing with online gambling. When you choose a recognized gaming provider, you warrant an excellent playing experience and steady performance. How does online casino software work? it's a lot more complex than it used to be. Graphics, motion graphics, sound effects and video effects have evolved tremendously since the early days of the web casino epoch. Also, functionality and extra features are better than before. Depending on the provider, game software works in different ways, offering various features and options, but you will always be sure… more
Vegas-X. internet casino software Gaming business Thousands of gamblers join the online casinos each day. A gambler either opens an account at the casino website or enters mobile gambling through an App. High quality casino software assures satisfied users and attractiveness for new visitors. Gaming Set We'll never make you wonder As in any gambling project, firstly, there is always in the game set: obviously, the players come to your cafe for an exciting game. But also it's always good to win extra money, isn't it? Currently, Vegas-X Sweepstakes are widely used in the field of gambling. Vegas-X has developed an amazing framework that… more
Gaminator Software. Cafe casino program for you Just Handy Nowadays, in the highly digitalized world, practically in all facets of business, entrepreneurs are in need of tools for online services. Now there is no need to buy expensive slot machines! Due to technological progress, the online casino software is periodically updated. This is mainly due to the fact that serious companies compete with each other, offering new and upgraded products. Among these competitors, Imperium-Games has some characteristics and unique features. Online system gaminator is a powerful software solution which you can use to manage your gaming business. All you need to open a club is a stable… more
Palm Treasure. Lounge casino software Can You Find it? We are realizing the fact that the right software solution for lottery bets should include many things, such as custom games, graphics, animation, game skins and popular game characters, as well as programming all types of games, including bingo, roulette, Keno and cards, as well as the terminal software with an intuitive user interface (UI) and a fascinating user experience (UX) to work on touch screens. And You? Feature of Palm Casino Software A favorite among gambling enthusiasts We are happy to announce that over the past few years, the gaming business has grown rapidly around… more
Riversweeps Software. Stargame software for you Online & Flexible Gamblers prefer to have fun on the Internet. Today, the sweepstakes are considered among the most lucrative kinds of business. Owners of Internet cafe casinos can use Riversweeps software for management and general control in their cyber cafes. They can organize client payments, create charts and analyze success rates. Moreover, casino owners will be able to use Riversweeps Platinum solutions and get access to many great features. Companies providing online casino software set the parameters of bets, rules, payment rates and random number generators that ensure the game basis. When purchasing software, customers choose a software vendor… more
Gambling in SA Everything You Need To Know Of all African countries, South Africa probably has the most regulated and organized gambling industry. Despite its legal status, many South Africans are still looking for safe and reputable offshore online casinos. To date, no South African player has been prosecuted for playing at online casinos. Africa is a key market for Imperium-Games, we are focused on this region, which has some of the most valuable online players in the world. Entrepreneurs wishing to buy slots online from the provider Imperium-Games are often unsure of the market in which they will make a good margin.… more
Gambling in Australia. Internet cafe casino there Australians love to gamble It doesn't matter if it is a game in a high-class casino or a coin flip in a pub. Over 80% of adult Australians are engaged in some kind of gambling. It’s the highest rate of gambling in the world! Online gambling has also been on the rise in Australia in recent years, and the trend is expected to continue as more consumers gain access to the Internet or mobile devices. Australians spend AUD $960 million annually on Internet gambling. A classic Aussie throws caution to the wind, risks his salary on potential profits, and then… more
Apollo Games Review. Slot games integration 3 Most Played Apollo Games Online Slots With dozens of various slot machines to choose from, Apollo Games boast an extended portfolio that includes a wider range of games. They refer to various genres and themes. Uses may select between traditional and modern online slots with 3 or 5 reels featuring up to 243 pay lines. It means more winning combos as well as higher chances to win big. As for the top-rated slots developed by Apollo Games, they are as follows: Gangster World The slot is like a time machine that takes you back to 30’s. Along with the… more

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