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The bottom line for 2020

25 Dec 2020

Since the New Year holidays are just around the corner, many people are summing up the year and making plans for the future. Let’s review the past year.

By the end of 2020, online casino gaming is more accessible than ever, and it’s only becoming more prevalent as technology advances. This boom in popularity has led to the creation of countless online casinos, so choosing top-notch software developers for casino platforms is a must for casino operators who want to stand out from the crowd. 

New providers

While there are many aspects to look out for when opening an online casino, careful selection of software developers should take precedence, as this will be the determining factor for many players. In addition to attracting them, great software developers will also keep your players loyal. This year we added 5 new and best on the market software providers – Merkur, Quickspin, Bally, Ainsworth, Yggdrasil. They excel in their field of work. It’s superb graphic and audio, eventually easy-to-use interfaces. As a company, we have a bright vision and strong focus on the future and are pushing forward our ambitious plans. New slot features, new promotion opportunities and new payment solutions.

Poker software

Poker: Psychology or Math? We suppose both. This year, Imperium-Games has deployed an unrivaled all-channel poker room. If there’s an opportunity to improve your game, why not take it? Our user-friendly poker client has everything you need to run your own fully branded, fully customizable poker rooms, with multiple game types and an extensive selection of table stakes and buy-ins. With support for multiple languages and currencies, our client is the leading solution for licensees around the world.

Android POS

Another great accomplishment this year is the android POS from Imperium-Games. It’s a V1s by SUNMI which allows us to obtain faster response and more flexible use. Progression is powerful. V1s supports the function of store membership card swiping. It provides the members with additional services such as points accumulation. That device promotes store members’ loyalty! It can be paired with a multifunctional scanning platform for hands-free operation. Specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide second level support for licensees, monitor the performance of our networks and escalate any issues.


This year we visited the ICE London 2020, we would like to remember it again at the conclusion of this past year. It was a beautiful event. We loved the esports area and a featured custom-built stage. It was very interesting to hear Danny Rogers’ thoughts on the industry and government regulation in the future. On the third day, we actively participated in workshops, shared knowledge, and met many of our friends. We got the opportunity to meet some of our clients who began as small start-ups and had progressed to exhibiting at ICE in their own right. 

Although it was a very difficult year for the world, the industry grew in size and developed considerably. We did a lot this year, and we will do even more next year. Stay tuned and have a great new year!

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