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Results of the Year 2018

20 Dec 2018

With New Year holidays around the corner, many people sum up the results of the year and make plans for the future. We, the Imperium-Games team, would also like to follow that tradition and reflect on all the memorable events of 2018 along with our achievements this year.

We started the year – together with other companies representing the gambling industry – at ICE Totally Gaming 2018 – the world’s largest exhibition in all things gambling. Every year ICE sets the pace and direction for the industry, and the inspiration, impressions and practical knowledge gained during this event last the whole year.

The next point on our map was Macau in China, namely Global Gaming Expo 2018, better known as G2E Asia. This region has long been nicknamed ‘the Chinese Las Vegas’, and according to the latest statistics, Macau is the world leader when it comes to the income generated from gambling.

Leaving Asia behind, the Imperium-Games team went to conquer Europe. Our first stop was the sunny island of Cyprus and Cyprus Gaming Show (CGS). Although it is difficult to compare the scale of this event with any other exhibition, as CGS is held only for the second time, we can say with confidence that this event has a great future.

The Netherlands was the second European country we visited this year. Amsterdam pleasantly surprised us with an upgraded version of iGaming Super Show. This year, Clarion Gaming decided to combine three thematically distinct events into one, and it proved to be a success. The iGB Live conference became a lot more interesting and productive, and we will make sure not to miss it in 2019.

The first autumn exhibition for us was Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, US. More than 25,000 representatives of the gaming industry from all over the world came to the American capital of entertainment. During four days of the event, G2E showcased a wide range of products for the betting and lottery business, land-based and online casinos, as well as related products and services.

The event the Imperium-Games team really looked forward to was ICE Africa, and it was held in Johannesburg (South Africa) in October 2018 for the first time. For many years now, our company has regarded South Africa as one of the most interesting countries in terms of gambling business development, and the success of ICE Africa once again confirmed the existence of various opportunities and potential for growth in that region. 

The exhibition was attended by representatives from more than 52 countries. Betting companies, game developers, software developers and manufacturers of gaming equipment all presented their products and services during the forum. We can say with confidence that ICE Africa will soon boast the same importance in the gaming industry as its predecessor – the ICE London.

We decided to finish our 2018 exhibition tour at Sigma iGaming Malta. It was our first time at Sigma, and the experience we got was very positive. We would like to praise the hosts for the high standards in organizing the event, as well as for inviting some very enthusiastic and responsive audience.

Having attended the main annual events in gambling industry, we couldn’t help noticing that there are hundreds of young companies with innovative ideas, although the established ones also keep up with the trend and launch new products. 

All this shows that the gaming industry is in a state of rapid development, which means that in 2019 there will be even more exhibitions and conferences to attend, acquaintances and partnerships to forge, and is just another reason for us to be happy. In a few days, the Imperium-Games team is going to present a calendar of gambling events planned for 2019.

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