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How to buy an online casino under the White-Label program, and how does it work?

01 Nov 2021

What is White-Label script of online casino?

White label is a new format of partnership in which a large company develops and supplies script online casino products, while a less known startup sells them under its own brand. This scheme can be fully realized in the gambling sphere, and you can buy online casinos in this way. This approach has many advantages:

  • A novice operator can launch the blockchain casino software project at no cost and focus entirely on other script online casino aspects.
  • The new casino does not deal with the promotion and uses the successful experience of the provider.

In other words, it is the purchase of a turnkey script online casino. At the same time, you do not need to buy software, create a website, buy a license, spend money on the promotion. All these things are provided by a large operator. Of course, you will not be able to control the software you receive, while the provider will not have direct contact with your clients. At the same time, both parties will receive a stable income from this cooperation.

How does the White-Label script of online casino work?

As you have already understood, a beginning operator can buy an online casino at a relatively small price — he gets all the necessary software and a standard website. It is practically everything that is required for launching an online casino. Then he can use these products in the following way:

  • Make changes to design
  • create an exclusive logo
  • add an individual bonus system
  • arrange tournaments and add other incentives

Usually, such a script online casino is located on a unique domain. However, customer support will be realized from the main server of the provider. Another important thing to know is that you will have to share profits with the supplier. The amount can be different, but usually, it is up to 50% of everything you manage to earn with blockchain casino software. But nobody prevents you from developing your White-Label project into an independent script online casino once you enhance your skills. You can use your client base and separate from the parent company, having received your own gambling license.

White-label casinos are becoming increasingly popular because it is a great opportunity to become the owner of a full-fledged resource for an affordable sum. This format is favorable for all parties. New casino owners can quickly start making a profit without huge investments. The parent resource receives his commissions. And the blockchain casino software manufacturer promotes its brand. So it is a great solution to test whether the gambling sphere is right for you without high financial risks. All you need to do is to find a reputable provider and get started.

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