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Everything you Need to Know About the Gambling Software & RTP

13 Jun 2021

What is the RTP of Slots for Mobile?

RTP or return to player is one of the key indicators of all licensed online gambling software. This is an official term that is used in land-based and mobile gaming platform for all types of games, including slots for mobile phones. Usually, return to player is expressed as a percentage and is calculated using a simple formula:

RTP = winnings / bets * 100%.

The RTP level of slots for android is considered high if it exceeds 90%. In most modern slots for mobile, it is 94–96%. A lot of gambling software have very high returns. For example, in some types of blackjack, it reaches 99% or more. If a player launches slots with a progressive jackpot, then the probability of getting a big win will be slightly lower than when choosing slots for android that do not have it. However, the RTP will still be quite high — around 90%.

It is almost impossible to get a license for a slot machine with a low payout percentage. The industry sets certain minimum requirements in this respect. This indicator ranges from 80 to 95%, depending on the country.

Slots with payout percentages above 97% are the most profitable. They allow getting a positive mathematical expectation of a payoff.


Choosing the Slots for Android with the Best RTP.

When choosing gambling software for your mobile gaming platform, it is important to find out not only the RTP but also the variance of slot.

There are slots for android with different variances:

low – slots for mobile in which small wins drop out almost every move;
high – slots for mobile in which wins are rarely drawn, but with large odds.

Gambling software products with low variance attract with the frequency of winnings, create the favorable impression of continuous luck. And slots for android with high variance attract users with an impressive amount of cash prizes and the chance to win more. As a result, the player spends more time with these slots and leaves more money in the gambling establishment, increasing the casino’s profit with each spin. On mobile gambling platform, the range of return to player values is not so high, but the principle of the relationship with variance is approximately the same.

Gambling software providers adhere to the established rules. Some developers create slots with the same RTP, and others calculate the payout percentage for each particular slot machine. If you are planning to launch your own mobile gaming platform, you should offer your clients all possible options to choose from. Buy gambling software only from reliable suppliers that embed RTP in the program at the creation stage. The licensed casinos have no chances to get to the return to player settings. This approach increases the loyalty of customers and allows them to develop favorable game strategies based on the value of RTP.