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Connecting Gaming Clubs in the Age of the Pandemic: Gaming Room Program

27 May 2021

Nowadays, the global quarantine crisis situation is not similar to the crisis phases that have happened in the past. Virtually all spheres of commerce have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The gambling sector is one of those that was affected the most. Almost all land-based casinos have been shut down. Key sporting activities have been delayed or canceled. A lot of industries are going through a recession. Creating an online casino is a good idea now because many entrepreneurial processes have migrated to the Internet at an accelerated pace.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lottery business. Compelled closure of retail locations does not allow entrepreneurs to deliver their services to customers. Although some companies see the online market as a remedy to the problem, the Internet lottery industry is not as established as the land-based lottery world.

The experts of Imperium-Games made a decision to investigate the influence of the worldwide isolation on the lottery sector and to identify the future of this matter. If you need a program for gaming rooms — feel free to contact us.


How did the Quarantine Affect the Creation of Online Casinos?

Many lottery firms around the world have been badly damaged by the mass lockdown. Most retail outlets have been pushed to a complete breakdown of their activities. Will the online economy be able to replace the land-based establishments now? To connect gambling clubs — how are things going?

Despite the growing appeal of digital lotteries over the past few years, this area still represents a fairly small amount of the lottery industry’s gross revenue. Consequently, retail sales of lottery tickets are still paramount.

The Gaming Room Program: what will change?

We traditionally relate the lottery activity to large jackpots. Still, we often overlook scratch cards and betting.

Internationally, scratch cards contribute just over 20% of the lottery industry. But if you review specific regions of the U.S., you’ll see that some ratios can go as high as 50-70%. Furthermore, in certain states, such as our beloved Massachusetts, this proportion is almost 83%.

Keeping in mind that the essence of using scratch cards is to attend a retail outlet, the negative impact on this sphere in the mentioned regions is devastating. Creating an online casino in a constantly changing market without any professional help — it’s a risky venture.

We could help you to connect gambling clubs to our API — the way you’ll get a tremendous amount of content.  The lottery betting community was able to adapt more easily to the present momentum. Some operators have started to create replica games, with the same features, but with a transparent outcome algorithm.

Customer feedback on such products has been positive as indicated by strong consumer demand. A program for gaming rooms — you can get it right now, it does not take long to integrate it into an existing establishment.

Creating an online casino: what will help operators stay afloat?

Customer behavior in the online sphere is described by a sort of anxiety about the unknown. However, customers’ engagement with the digital lottery business in the aftermath of nationwide lockdown has revealed the limits of social acceptance. The shutdown of land-based lottery outlets and revised jackpot sizes (e.g., in the U.S.) have certainly made a difference.

Perhaps the biggest and most important point to be realized is the affordability of the online environment as an alternative solution. Even businesses previously running in the cyber space have allocated minimal resources to get new users. Connecting gambling clubs should be seen as a diversified phenomenon. The important conclusion is to be able to work in unpredictable situations like the present one (pandemic).

Lottery betting has sparked a lot of conversations and generated a lot of new ideas. Many jurisdictions have experienced legislative changes. As a result of this process, it is possible to create totally new types of sweepstakes, jackpots, etc.The program for gaming clubs from Imperium-Games includes all the latest developments in the world of iGaming, contact us and we will give you a demo version.

Gaming room software: where to find it?

A fundamental issue is the lack of products. Obviously, folks have always enjoyed lottery draws, but there must be often upgrades to attract a new audience all the time.

Imperium-Games connects gambling clubs with the integration of more than 800 slot games, poker rooms, VLTs software and much more. Just contact our support team to find out more.