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Benefits of Establishing a Blockchain Casino

20 May 2021

Imperium-Games company offers the sale of a script for creating a bitcoin casino from scratch. We will organize a quick launch of the product (1-1,5 months) with its full technical support.

  1. Blockchain technology is widely applied in the iGaming field. Ready-made systems stand out for their high transaction performance, perfect protection, and good feedback from users.
  2. Running a bitcoin casino reduces the cost of the project many times over. The operator does not need to spend money on registration of a license, payment of tax duties, deductions to interbank organizations. Club system of casinos these days simply must have at least some cryptocurrency capabilities.
  3. An entrepreneur can implement a bitcoin payment into an online casino that is already in operation. This will bring a new solvent audience to the gambling site.

The key arguments for opening a bitcoin casino in 2021:

Safety and Reliability

The casino website is infeasible to hack, deactivate, steal personal data of players or owner. All information is encrypted with SHA-256 cryptographic techniques. In 13 years of blockchain technology history, it has never crashed, proving once again its high security.

Cost Optimization

To start a bitcoin casino, businessmen do not need to obtain a license. This significantly decreases the cost and cuts the time for setting up a startup. Businessman saves money on tax contributions, charges for interbank account service, purchases of extra security programs. The system for casino clubs should be consolidated and simplified to the extreme.

Gamblers’ Engagement

Users prefer to play in crypto casino due to the high speed and anonymity of transfers, transparent operation, access to gambling services from anywhere in the world. Online casino script is ideal for establishments of this kind.


Blockchain algorithms work automatically. This eliminates the interference of states, tax services, interbank organizations in the work of the operator. The lounge software can also be backed by crypto technologies.

Simple Payment Transactions

All an entrepreneur needs to do is to open one or more BTC wallets and make sure users have them. You can post on your site a brief manual on how to create and manage BTC wallets.

Good Prospects

Blockchain-based iGaming projects have a great future. This segment of the online casino market will continue to develop, bringing huge profits to businessmen.

Features of bitcoin casino promotion

To attract a solvent audience to the site, operators can promote the project on their own or cooperate with professional affiliates.

Companies or private webmasters “collect” online traffic on independent platforms (social networks, specialized online publications) and redirect it to the gambling site. The influx of a new audience is due to special affiliate links.

Known affiliate services for working with blockchain projects:

  1. Gambling Craft. The system offers three payment models: RevShare (up to 50% of casino-site income), CPA (up to €300 for each attracted gambler), and Hybrid (a combination of RevShare and CPA). The service is suitable for the promotion of bitcoin casinos. Earned money can be withdrawn in cryptocurrency.
  2. TruePlay. The wizards are paid according to the RevShare scheme – up to 60% of the income generated by them. Payments are made 2 times a week, in digital currency or US dollars. The resource provides many options to promote BTC projects, including ready-made promotional materials, the creation of creatives, and statistical tools.

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