7Mojos is a highly reputable development studio with extensive industry experience of over 15 years. We provide the 7Mojos Games Integration. They specialize in creating exceptional gaming content that surpasses expectations. Their focus lies in developing engaging slot games and live gaming experiences that captivate and retain players’ interest. Additionally, they offer innovative tools to elevate the performance and offerings of gaming operators.

Our impressive 7Mojos game package offers over 40 titles for your players to indulge in. The video slots are particularly exceptional and will undoubtedly captivate your audience. The games showcase a unique combination of elements derived from traditional casinos and social gaming, resulting in an extraordinary experience. Prepare to be astounded by their remarkable assortment of high-caliber games. It promises to be an exhilarating journey!

7Mojos New Games

Our fantastic package includes some of 7Mojos’ most popular games, including «Wild Bandidos,» «Big 5 Africa,» and «Golden Vegas.» Prepare yourself for an incredible gaming experience as you dive into these thrilling titles! Experience the excitement of Immortal Wild Bandidos, an extraordinary 5-reel video slot that will leave you in awe with its incredible features. Your players’ goal is to accumulate scatters and wilds for big wins. And that’s not all — don’t forget about the Free Spins, offering jackpots, multipliers, and massive prizes that can potentially lead your gamblers to a fortune.

Our gaming platform offers a versatile payment system that accepts both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the Return to Player (RTP) settings according to your preferences. Streamline the management of your gaming club with our comprehensive admin panel, allowing you to effortlessly implement happy hours and deposit bonuses, among other features. Experience a more efficient approach to handling all aspects of your gaming operations.


The general cost of online casino games depends directly on your choice of providers.

IG’s managers are always ready to provide you with a commercial offer at a price that would comply with your expectations.


New slots from different developers

The competition among online slot suppliers is very strong, and dozens of studios are constantly launching new slot machines. They come out at different times, from different developers, but all the latest releases we collect on this page. Anyone can test the demos. New slots are constantly updated. 

It’s easy to use our compiled list of casino providers. You choose the provider you like, read our short review about our partnership with this provider, and click on the «Get a commercial offer» button. For anyone interested, we can provide demo versions of slots you like. So you can run the slot and play it to test it. All the details of your future purchase, you can ask our managers. You will discover what you can expect from the game — its payoff percentage, volatility. An important factor in the impression that will make on the player slot is the variance. The variance tells you how often the payouts will be and how large they can be.

All slots HTML5 . It allowed the production of new online casino slot machines regardless of the platform — one option for all devices. They run directly in the browser, so there is no need to download anything.

Best new online casino slots

Online slot production is the most active area in the development of game software, and there are a huge number of studios. However, not all of them regularly add new slot machines. Consistency is marked mostly by large and medium-sized developers. And there are developers who produce frankly weak products. Only from time to time there are really unique slots. New slot mechanics is the rarest of all, as it is not so easy to come up with something completely different. Thousands of online slot machines have already been released. But Think Different. Our company gathers the best possible products on the market into one ready-made offer.

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