Should a mobile gaming platform offer bonuses to all new and regular clients?

What are bonuses on a mobile gaming platform?

Bonuses mean some deposit on your account that allows you to play casino games for android for free. These incentives are usually offered to all registered users as a reward. All bonuses, conditions for their receipt, and wagering are combined into a single system — the mobile gaming platform bonus policy. The main purpose of this loyalty program is to attract new users to the resource and keep them returning to play your slots for android.

How do bonuses work for slots for android?

Most of the rewards granted by online casino users need to wager, playing casino games for android. Its size is determined individually by the clubs. Most often, the multiplier is x30-x40 (the number of spins of the bonus received). After wagering, money can be withdrawn from the system. And usually, rewards are given for certain slots for android. There are also restrictions on the timing and amount of bets.

Main types of bonuses on a mobile gaming platform.

As a rule, online casinos offer the following incentives:

  • Deposit bonus — you get a credit bonus, the amount of which depends on the amount you sent to your account. In most cases, operators give you from 50% or 100% of your deposit. In very rare cases, the casino offers 200% or even all of 300%. But don’t forget about the restrictions and rules. Bonuses can be used only for slots, for android, and you can withdraw them after completing the wagering requirements.
  • No deposit bonus is a popular reward, especially among beginners who want to win money without any risk. Usually you can get this bonus only for registration without making any deposit on a mobile gaming platform. These bonuses are usually quite small.
  • Free spins — in this bonus option, you are not offered money, but you get the opportunity of free spins in popular slots for android. In case of a win, these are considered bonus funds, and you need to meet wagering rules to get them on your usual account.
  • Cashback bonus — the casino returns part of the money you lost on a mobile gaming platform in the form of a bonus.
  • Loyalty program — every casino is interested to turn every visitor into a regular customer. For this, the mobile gaming platform offers a special loyalty program for them. It is difficult to evaluate all advantages of a loyalty program as it differs in many casinos. Most often, such a program offers some discounts for online stores, exclusive casino games for android. Sometimes, lower wagering requirements or higher withdrawal limits are also a part of this program.

Summing up, it is vital for every operator to introduce some incentives on their mobile gaming platform. This approach allows attracting more users and increases their trust in the online casino.

Roulette is the most popular online game and a queen of admiral casino software.

Why roulette is the best lucky dragon software?

Roulette remains the most demanded and popular game of modern times. In particular, it thrives on the Internet, during the fiercest competition. Modern technologies allow this lucky dragon software to favorably stand out from the crowd of other games.

How to play roulette?

If you are going to test your luck with Gotospin casino software, you will have to guess the symbol. The size of your win will depend on how accurately you do it. There is an opportunity to make different bets, the online casino offers all the options or only a few of them:

  • Perfect match. This means that it is possible to name exactly the number on which the ball stops. This is what real success looks like, which usually means an impressive cash prize, even with a small bet, playing lucky dragon software.
  • Color. It can be black or red. The classic option, in which the chance of success is almost 50%. It remains only to correctly guess the shade, trusting your intuition.
  • Even or Odd. All numbers are conventionally divided into these two large groups. The chance of success is exactly the same. That is why many put it this way.

Moreover, the circle can be additionally divided into certain sectors, and there are other opportunities for a bet when playing Gotospin casino software. It is not uncommon for players to combine all the options in order to increase their chances of winning and achieve the best possible result.

Types of admiral casino software roulette

On the Internet, you can find countless websites offering various roulette options. Beginners can enjoy the free game, while more experienced players can enjoy Gotospin casino software and experience the real taste of winning with a bet in real money roulette. The following types of roulette are the most popular in lucky dragon software:

  • European
  • French
  • American roulette
  • Admiral casino software without Zero
  • HD roulette
  • Mini roulette

Based on the name, you can determine in which regions certain game options are in the greatest demand. Each of this admiral casino software has its own distinctive characteristics and requirements of the gameplay. But roughly, all these types have a very similar algorithm.
Nowadays, each online casino should have at least several types of roulette. You can use lucky dragon software or Gotospin casino software. You can even add roulette from different manufacturers on one site. And do not forget about the live format of this game — it attracts crowds of players. All you need to do is to find a reliable game supplier and add its products to your menu.

Why HTML5 mobile casino games are a must for your gambling project.

What is HTML5 and how it is used in mobile slot machines?

In simple words, HTML5 technology is a language for structuring and presenting content on the Internet. When it comes to slots into smartphones, HTML5 provides the smooth performance of mobile slot machines. HTML5 can be integrated into every game, every bonus, every page of an online casino. HTML5 helps create high-quality interactive multimedia. The same gaming content can be done on Flash, but the main trump card of HTML5 mobile casino games is their compatibility with all screens of any device.

Advantages of HTML5 mobile casino games

These new generation slots into smartphones allow you to get rid of bugs, security risks, incorrect displays on different devices, and other disadvantages. Mobile slot machines have the following benefits:

  • This technology is supported by almost all browsers and mobile applications. HTML5 mobile casino games have become the main trend in the gaming industry today.
  • This software starts quickly and works without issues.
  • HTML5 slots are flexible — the game will be displayed conveniently and immediately adapt to any size of the screen. This feature provides the most comfortable interaction experience.
  • HTML5 mobile slot machines have a mobile interface. The type of gambling simulators on the phone is slightly different from the full-size one: there are a minimum of buttons, some sections are hidden in the menu.
  • HTML5 mobile, slot machines do not cost much to develop.
  • This gambling software is safe. It is rarely hacked and broken by fraudsters. This is the main argument in favor of choosing HTML5 mobile casino games by top gambling platforms.
  • Ease of use. The integration of such mobile slot machines is very fast. You do not need to install additional programs to run them.
  • Perfect image scalability. This feature was not so ideal in previous casino games. Thanks to SVG graphics, machines will display high-quality images on any device.
  • Not resource intensive. HTML5 slots consume less battery power and do not take up too much memory during gameplay. This is extremely important for users, especially if the smartphone is limited in RAM.

For gambling business owners, HTML5 mobile casino games are a profitable and rewarding investment. And it is fully affordable for any size casino. You can buy ready HTML5 products or rent such games. Also, you can order an individual development of slots into smartphones for your casino from the leading gambling software providers. Integrate this technology on your site today, and already tomorrow you will see new customers visiting your resource.

The main things you should know about the RTP of your gambling software.

What is mobile slots RTP?

The potential win in slots for mobile or RTP (return to player) is determined in percentages. Usually, this indicator reaches 92-97%. It is set by the gambling software manufacturer and indicated in the table of payments. You may find this information either on the official website of the developer or in the description of the mobile slots. RTP is considered to be honest and transparent, only if your slots for mobile are licensed. Therefore, all reliable casinos prefer gambling software only from verified suppliers. At the same time, one and the same brand may have mobile slots with both low and extremely high return rates. For example, if the slot machine shows 95%, it means the player can get this amount of the general bet, with the remaining 5% being kept by the casino. But sometimes, you may win a jackpot after the second spin and sometimes, you need to make endless bets in mobile slots until you get some reward. Why is that? It is explained by the variance.

How does variance of mobile slots work?

What gambling software variance? This is the ratio of the level of the player’s risk and the generosity of the machine. This parameter is not indicated directly in the description of the mobile slot, or in the payout table. You will not find it on the official website of the manufacturer of gambling software either. It is possible to discover it either in the course of the game after you analyze statistics or by a simpler method — by studying the winning coefficients of slots for mobile. Medium and low-range mobile slots are attractive if the user does not want to get big wins, but plays only for fun. If at the same time RTP level is high, then there is a high chance to get small winnings. High volatility prepares the player for high rates and endless bets. The RTP of such mobile slots is not so important, because it reaches its real value only after hundreds of spins and high bets.

How to choose mobile slots based on RTP?

The optimal approach is to select slots for mobile with a high level of return, then look at the payout tables and rate their volatility. Those players who are chasing high wins must be ready to invest a lot of money in high-speed mobile slots with an RTP level of not less than 95-97%. For those who play just for fun and are happy about small victories, it is enough to focus on low-dispersion slots, for mobile.
Licensed gambling software suppliers have strict rules concerning RTP parameters. It is being set at the stage of mobile slots development, and operators cannot change them afterward. So it is vital to play slots for mobile-only from reputable manufactures and on fully licensed sites. It will protect players from any type of fraud.

How to effectively and quickly attract traffic to your mobile gambling platform?

What does traffic mean for a mobile gambling platform?

We all know that the popularity of online gambling resources is rapidly growing, and the pandemic only gave a further impetus to this tendency. More and platforms offer to try your luck with gambling software for casinos. But it is crucial for every operator to continuously grow their audience. And this task is successfully solved by a marketing campaign of the mobile gambling resource that is designed to work in three directions at the same time:

  • Attract new users;
  • retain current customers;
  • return those players who used to play on this mobile gaming site but stopped.

Active traffic is the main task for any online resource. And gambling software for casinos is a vital factor. The more users you are able to attract to your mobile gambling platform, the more profits you will earn. There are many methods to make clients use your gambling casino software. They can have very different specifics. So let us analyze them a bit deeper.

Sources of traffic for gambling casino software platform

You can attract traffic to your mobile gambling platform using free and paid methods. But in both cases, time and effort are needed. So what are the most popular and effective options to promote your gambling casino software?

  • Social networks. This is one of the common promotional approaches. But you should be ready to fill your profile with fresh content about gambling software for casino. You need to regularly post interesting articles, the latest news, various hints. Only in this way, you can collect a decent client base.
  • Forums and blogs. Here you can freely advertise your mobile gambling resource and add links to your site. Many operators use this strategy to share blog posts with some useful information and insert natural links. It helps to get more visitors.
  • Email newsletters. This method is rather old, but it still works fine when you need to attract more attention to your gambling casino software. Constant interaction with your current clients helps to retain customers.
  • Casino reviews. You can order reviews of your mobile gambling site and publish these on specialized blogs, which are often visited by gamblers.
  • Affiliate programs. This is a very effective tool to make more people know about your gambling, casino software. For some reward, partners will actively work on bringing more clients to your gambling resource who make deposits. This approach always brings real players to the site.

All of these methods will give positive results if you work hard on them. It is not enough to use just one option to make your mobile gambling project popular. You should combine several of them to see considerable improvements soon.

The best loyalty program for your iSlot gaming platform that will bring clients.

What is a loyalty program for the iGaming software platform?

A loyalty program is a marketing tool designed to attract and retain customers on your resource. This tool is crucial for almost any business, including online iSlot gaming establishments. When it comes to a casino, a loyalty program implies a system of various rewards to its regular visitors for using iSlot gaming software. The purpose of this approach is to interest the occasional visitor and make him stay on the platform, and even make him return not once to your iSlot gaming resource.

How does a loyalty program work in iSlot gaming casino?

As a part of the iGaming software loyalty program, each player who makes a real bet is awarded loyalty points. The accrual rate depends on a number of factors. For example, it can be 1 point for a certain sum of the bet. It doesn’t matter whether the bet won or lost. The main thing is that the client deposited his account and made a bet in iSlot gaming software. That is, a player can earn points without even winning anything. Then these points can be exchanged for valuable prizes in the iSlot gaming casino or used for further bets.

Things to note when creating a loyalty program for iSlot gaming casino.

There are several important points to take into account when you develop a loyalty program for your iSlot gaming software.

  • Do not allow earning incentives on absolutely all machines on your site — select a limited list of entertainments where a play can receive a bonus. These are usually applied to slots, and make sure that this information is clearly displayed in the rules. Of course, you can regularly change this list, adding new iSlot gaming options.
  • It is important to allow your customers to open an additional bonus account. It will allow the bonus points to be accumulated separately and not to be burned. The player will be able them to spend these incentives on igaming software any time.
  • There should be a possibility to exchange iSlot gaming bonus funds for real money. Of course, do not forget to add realistic wagering requirements.

Many iSlot gaming casinos develop a special status system for their customers. Thus, a casino can have different statuses for players: Beginner, Experienced, Pro, Master, or other names — Silver, Gold, Platinum. The higher the status, the more incentives the client receives. Furthermore, the holders of high statuses regularly receive additional prizes, be it free spins for iSlot gaming software or bonus points.

People love bonuses and attention. And a well though-out loyalty program for your iSlot gaming casino can significantly increase customers’ trust in your resource. And once the casino is considered reliable, it will surely keep increasing its audience and profits. So use this method to make your gaming project grow.

How does pokie mobile software work in an online casino?

Café casino program for poker is in great demand

In the past few years, the number of poker fans has increased significantly. The era of online café casino programs has given this game special relevance. Now, to take part in a poker tournament, you do not need to leave your home or even leave your desk. Pokie mobile software provides an opportunity not only to take part in the game, but also to interact with opponents and analyze their strategies. All popular gambling clubs have poker Riversweeps software. But how to choose the right café casino program? Below, we will consider in detail what characteristics high-quality software should have.

How does pokie mobile software work?

The algorithm of such a program consists of the following actions:

  • It connects players from all over the world on one playing site.
  • It deals cards and provides their random drop.
  • Pokie mobile software protects the room, personal data and money in the accounts of visitors.
  • It entertains clients and helps them earn money.
  • It ensures fair and transparent play.
  • Not only that, but it provides the owner with a complete analysis of the business.

The software for poker rooms is based on RNG — a random number generator. But there should be an official document from the independent auditor that RNG works correctly.

Pokie mobile software: important criteria

Each operator should not underestimate the following things when buying a café casino program.

  • Reliability. It is the most important criterion- always buy Riversweeps software from well-known, reputable developers.
  • Transparency. You will not succeed without the trust of the players. Pokie mobile software should make the gameplay clear and accessible.
  • Certified RNG. Check the availability of official documents confirming the quality of the random number generator.
  • Cross-platform. It is the best option when software is accessible from any device. It will ensure maximum audience reach.
  • Support for different languages ​​and currencies. Make sure every play will find a way to make a deposit and understand the café casino program.
  • Fast support. This is not about the work of employees, but about the functionality of the pokie mobile software, which helps the supports to solve the problems of the players. It’s always nice when money issues can be resolved in a couple of minutes. And poker software offers employees the maximum opportunity to do this.

Today, you will find a lot of great pokie mobile software on the market. And once you know what parameters to check, it will be much easier to filter all the offers and find the café casino program that is right for you.

How to buy an online casino under the White-Label program, and how does it work?

What is White-Label script online casino?

White label is a new format of partnership in which a large company develops and supplies script online casino products, while a less known startup sells them under its own brand. This scheme can be fully realized in the gambling sphere, and you can buy online casinos in this way. This approach has many advantages:

  • A novice operator can launch the blockchain casino software project at no cost and focus entirely on other script online casino aspects.
  • The new casino does not deal with the promotion and uses the successful experience of the provider.

In other words, it is the purchase of a turnkey script online casino. At the same time, you do not need to buy software, create a website, buy a license, spend money on the promotion. All these things are provided by a large operator. Of course, you will not be able to control the software you receive, while the provider will not have direct contact with your clients. At the same time, both parties will receive a stable income from this cooperation.

How does White-Label script online casino work?

As you have already understood, a beginning operator can buy an online casino at a relatively small price — he gets all the necessary software and a standard website. It is practically everything that is required for launching an online casino. Then he can use these products in the following way:

  • Make changes to design
  • create an exclusive logo
  • add an individual bonus system
  • arrange tournaments and add other incentives

Usually, such a script online casino is located on a unique domain. However, customer support will be realized from the main server of the provider. Another important thing to know is that you will have to share profits with the supplier. The amount can be different, but usually, it is up to 50% of everything you manage to earn with blockchain casino software. But nobody prevents you from developing your White-Label project into an independent script online casino once you enhance your skills. You can use your client base and separate from the parent company, having received your own gambling license.

White-label casinos are becoming increasingly popular because it is a great opportunity to become the owner of a full-fledged resource for an affordable sum. This format is favorable for all parties. New casino owners can quickly start making a profit without huge investments. The parent resource receives his commissions. And the blockchain casino software manufacturer promotes its brand. So it is a great solution to test whether the gambling sphere is right for you without high financial risks. All you need to do is to find a reputable provider and get started.

How to find and choose the right slot games for online casinos?

Three components of turnkey casino software

Gambling software is not limited to slot games for online casinos. In fact, these are three software products that need to be considered as elements of one turnkey casino software system:

  • Platform. In the so-called heart of every online gaming project. The success and development of a casino will depend on the reliability of the platform and its functionality. So, when selecting a platform for casino games, for café, pay attention to its administration tools. It is also vital to check its compatibility with slot games for online casino of all existing developers.
  • Gaming software. This is an inevitable constituent of any online casino. Modern users have very high requirements for the quality and variety of gaming software.
  • Payment system. Each gambling site must offer its clients reliable, up-to-date and affordable payment software for flawless deposits and withdrawals. It would be a big advantage if it includes cryptocurrency solutions as well.

Main characteristics of turnkey casino software

Modern users have very high demands on the quality of slot games for online casinos. Outdated graphics, lack of choice, and low payouts force users to look for a new gaming platform. Modern turnkey casino software must meet the following requirements:

  • High-quality graphics based on the latest technologies;
  • flawless performance;
  • original high-quality soundtracks;
  • wide selection of themed slots;
  • built-in bonus mini-games with separate plots;
  • high percentage of returns and frequency of payments;

Another important feature is the compatibility of turnkey casino software. The modern player is a mobile user. Therefore, if you want to attract more customers to your casino games for café, then you should add HTML5 slot games for online casino that are supported by all types of mobile gadgets. It is also reasonable to buy software from a reputable provider that provides not only technical support the but also regular software updates.

You will find lots of attractive turnkey casino software offers in the market. However, take to check the quality. The main thing that a novice online casino operator should remember is that high-quality slot games for online casino cannot be cheap. Casino gaming content is one of the most expensive items of any gambling project. Experts recommend cooperation only with well-known and time-proven developers. This choice allows you to optimize start-up costs and helps avoid additional costs for software upgrade. So do not save on this stage not to pay twice later.

How to launch a turnkey online casino project in the shortest terms?

What is a turnkey online casino?

The development of a bitcoin casino platform from scratch requires significant financial and time investments. You also need to have enough knowledge in various industries as gambling project needs registration of a legal entity, purchase of a license, website development, conclusion of agreements with internet casino software providers, integration of payment systems, advertising, and marketing promotion. Some reputable operators allow you to buy a turnkey online casino. In other words, you received the whole business in one deal, namely:

  • Project licensing;
  • exclusive resource design and development of a unique brand;
  • versatile game content;
  • a full-fledged platform with modern internet casino software;
  • integration of payment channels;
  • free consultations and high-quality support on all issues of running a gambling business;
  • full technical support of your bitcoin casino platform.

Many providers also deal with the marketing promotion of your site, as well as offer tools for the modernization of existing projects. By signing a cooperation agreement, you get not only a reliable, qualified partner but also a guarantee of a profit from the first date of platform existence.

Benefits of turnkey online casino products

There are many reasons to choose this option when you are planning to start a gambling project. The main advantages are:

  • Cost reduction. There is no necessity to risk big money by entering into deals with untrustworthy software vendors.
  • Quick turnaround. You use a ready package of internet casino software developed to a proven scheme that eliminates any delays. A profitable project is ready to launch in no time.
  • Versatile content. You can choose the best internet casino software — modern slot machines, exciting themed games, as well as VR and AR content for most sophisticated tastes.

In simple words, a turnkey online casino is a product that is fully configured and ready to be used. Management is carried out through the CMS. You will have stable, reliable, and high-quality hosting. You can choose your own unique design from a variety of options. Your bitcoin casino platform will visually differ from competitors and have an individual set of games. All gaming software is well tested and tuned.
The development of an online casino is a responsible business, and only experts know all the nuances. Once you choose to buy a turnkey online casino, you will have more chances to get a steady income and attract more players while staying in the legal field. You will save time and money and return your initial investment very soon.

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