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Main facts about starting an online casino

07 Nov 2023

Starting an online casino is a complex task too difficult for one person. But fear not. We know where to start. You may invite partners and hire stuff to complete all steps to success together. If you have a close-knit team and knowledge, you can reach any goal you want. Starting an online casino, you need to follow such steps.

Select the region where you are going to operate. Your choice determines many things about your venue. 

List of documents you need to provide to regulated authorities. Each country has its own code of laws to regulate gambling. Study all of them carefully to avoid troubles. If you are not clear, ask the local lawyer for help. 
Cost and waiting time of license. For example, a license from Curaçao’s eGaming for starting an online casino costs under 20 000 euro. Waiting time is 8–12 weeks. Malta Gaming Authority asks near 25 000 euro for a license. You will wait for getting it 6 months. Another countries have another rules. If you don’t want to study all of them, come to our site. Buy online casino software from famous providers and use their licenses.

Our partners have permits of all jurisdictions. Just point any region on the world map. If our partners do not have permission to operate there, then gaming is illegal in this country. Or you have pointed to Antarctica.

Currency choice. Starting online casino, add national currencies, dollars and euros to your payment system. Allow players to bet, using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. 

Languages. Add the most common languages in the selected region to the interface. If you want to broadcast games with live dealers, also take care about translate. Make sure that players can understand what the dealer says without any extra effort.

Set of the games. Residents of different regions prefer different games. Do research to find out the tastes of players of the selected countries. Imperium-Games team can help you to form the set. We will collect popular games, add something with a local flavor and take into account all your wishes. Contact us now and enjoy your success in several months.

What is online casino platform

Online casino platform is the base for building your website. So, choose it carefully. You may add games, payment solutions and KYC-solutions on it. All software must work smoothly and provide gamblers with a positive gaming experience.

Purchasing an online casino platform, make sure that you get easy integration, safe and secure software, round the clock support and all the necessary things to create your dream casino.

If you are not sure about where to get software of the highest possible quality, contact us.

What is bitcoin casino script

Bitcoin casino script is a sequence of instructions that are executed on the server to let players interact with dealers and among themselves. You may create a new casino, using bitcoin casino script, or upgrade an already existed one. You may easily add new games and change rules. Games, based on blockchain technologies, runs quickly and smoothly. So, gamblers spend more time playing. Except this, any player can check his results and make sure that the game is fair and transparent.

Using cryptocurrency lets to remain antonymous. People who don’t want their hobby to be widely known will appreciate this possibility.

Transactions are instantaneous, so players can collect their winnings at any time. Money is well protected from fraudsters. This fact draws more attention to your site.

The only difficulty is that not all states have a perfect code of cryptocurrency laws. Anyway, if you have an opportunity to obtain a license for using cryptocurrency, do it. Then your clients may know, that you stand for honesty. It will increase your credibility.

We can offer a huge assortment of bitcoin casino scripts. You can also get support, upgrades, promotion tools and help in integration. Just contact us to obtain all these preferences.

Few final words

Now, you know everything about starting an online casino. You can choose the right online casino platform, bitcoin casino script. It is enough to launch a profitable business and become rich and famous. Your susses and prosperity are closer than they appear.