You Сan Involve Millennials to Your casino

25 Feb 2021

How do You Can Involve Millennials to Hang Out in a Casino?

It will take more than just updating our slots collection to win the favour of the people we want. Studies reveal that millennials are wasting their money on other forms of entertainment. They are also more focused on honesty, on transparency of all processes, we have already written about our btc gambling platform, and how this helps in today’s realities.

Does the entertainment sector face challenges in winning over those born at the end of the twentieth century — the generation that is on its way to getting jobs, as well as the leisure sphere worldwide? The answer to that question relies on how you define the entertainment segment. If we’re only talking about gambling and related forms of entertainment and spending money on them, then Generation Y is about diminishing returns. If you look at the phenomenon more generally, accounting for people’s spending on food and drink, travel, other shopping, accommodation, nightclubs, etc., then a rosier picture emerges.

How to Engage Generation Y to Gambling? Bitcoin Casino Platform

A January 2020 survey of millennials’ gambling preferences conducted by Stockton University’s Loyd D. Levenson Chair in Tourism found the following outcomes. Compared to older people, millennials gamble less often. In fact, millennials spend only 7 percent of their capital on gambling, while the older generation spends 25 percent. These figures may seem depressing, but they’re actually not that bad. Why? The point is that people born at the end of the 20th century spend more on other forms of entertainment and focus much more on cuisine and refreshments than others.

This may be disgusting news for the entertainment business. Nevertheless, Generation Y spend more capital on hotels, nightclubs and moving around than other types of consumers. Surprisingly, the study found that Generation Y are far more likely to spend seven days or even more on game journeys. It also found that the younger generation is more socially-oriented: only half of this audience prefers to play on their own, compared to 80 percent of non-millennials. That’s why you need to build a real social platform for new players. For example bitcoin casino platform, and Imperium-Games has a lot of experience in this field.

What Conclusion Should the Owners of the Gaming Clubs draw?

Young people spend their gaming money in their own way. Experts say they also like to spend more time outside the casino, paying attention to great food, alcohol, nightspots and lodging in hotels. This is neither good nor bad for the entertainment business, although it does reveal a new challenge in this area — to create a more integrated environment, less centred on casinos. All your sweepstakes systems must improve.

Interactions play an important role as players still use a variety of mobile apps and smartphones. Scott Klosowski, who discussed the digital transformation of gaming at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) a couple of years ago, said that the spectrum of casino entertainment needs to be broadened with the technological improvements that millennials expect.

«Imagine going to a casino and getting a handheld device that allows you to make money transfers and keep track of everything you do,» he said. «This will be welcomed by consumers and will provide the casinos with the data they need to keep going.» This data collection will allow gambling establishments to offer everyone something for themselves, such as promotions on food and refreshments or discounts on hotel stays. Perhaps this kind of personalisation is the future. This is where a specialised data scientist will be needed. We can help you improve your casino. Contact us and we will provide you with such a service.