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The Most Influential Gambling Markets in Africa

19 May 2021

Some countries of the continent are more developed in terms of demand for gambling entertainment. Operators need to familiarize themselves with the main characteristics of each region before launching an online casino.

South Africa

The male and female populations here are evenly distributed (48.6% and 51.4%, respectively). It is important to take this data into account when planning online casinos so that the services offered to meet the expectations of both genders.

The age of the players should also be taken into account:

  1. 15-24 years old — 17.40% (of the total population);
  2. 25-54 years old — 42.35%.

No doubt, minors’ access to gambling is a big problem for every country. One way to solve it could be the integration of strong age verification mechanisms. Casino software from Imperium-Games can help you address any security issues.

It is still impossible to get a license for online casinos on the territory of South Africa, so operators apply for permits in offshore jurisdictions. Betting sites can be registered in some provinces.

According to the National Gaming Council of South Africa, gross gaming revenue in the region was $2 billion in 2020.

The level of popularity of online entertainment:

  1. online casinos — 48%;
  2. sports betting — 22%;
  3. sweepstakes — 12%;
  4. bingo — 6%;
  5. other — 12%.

Players from South Africa prefer different payment options on gambling sites. The most popular ones are:

  1. bank transfers (EasyEFT, SD);
  2. credit cards;
  3. electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller).


In this country, the male and female populations are also evenly distributed (50.8% and 49.2%, respectively). Since more than half of the people (52%) live in cities, casino operators can count on a paying audience with all the technical capabilities needed for gambling. The casino gaming system from Imperium-Games is already well established in this country.

Age groups:

  1. 15-24 years old — 22.75% (of the total population);
  2. 25-54 years old — 34.65%.

The percentage of the target audience is a quarter lower than in South Africa, and the risk group, on the contrary, is higher. Operators should consider these figures to avoid possible misunderstandings with the authorities.

The people of Nigeria are one of the major consumers of betting services. The gambling spheres here are distributed as follows:

  1. sports betting — 60%;
  2. sweepstakes — 23%;
  3. online casinos — 14%;
  4. other entertainment — 3%.

For transactions locals most often use:

  1. mobile payments (MTN, OPay, Glo);
  2. bank transfers;
  3. ATMs;
  4. credit cards.


The spread of the population across the country is almost equal (men — 48.1%, women — 51.9%).

Age groups:

  1. 15-24 years old — 24.65% (of the total population);
  2. 25-54 years old — 35.35%.

It is not possible to obtain a casino permit here. However, operators can offer gambling services using offshore jurisdictions. The same applies to online betting. Only land-based betting offices can be registered in Kenya. The gaming system for lounges from Imperium-Games is perfect for the African market.

In 2020, the gross income from gambling in Kenya was 50 million dollars. Here are the youngest gamblers, if you compare the figures across Africa.

The demand for gambling entertainment is distributed in this way:

  1. sports betting — 70%;
  2. online casinos — 20%;
  3. sweepstakes — 8%;
  4. other — 2%.

The most common payment method is the M-Pesa system. Players from all over the country use this mobile transaction service to make new deposits.

The Main thing About the Launch of the Online Gambling Project in Africa

Understanding the peculiarities, advantages, and possible difficulties of the local gambling industry makes it much easier to set up a business. In order to choose the right business direction, we recommend that you gather data on the population, legislation, and pros and cons of working in each region.

The process of opening a gambling business can be accelerated through the services of professional aggregator companies. Imperium-Games has helped dozens of operators launch profitable gambling projects in South Africa, Nigeria, and other countries.