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Moscow Never Sleeps: The Imperium-Games about RGW 2017

16 Jun 2017

This year, Moscow already for the 11th time met the exhibition Russian Gaming Week 2017, which rightfully earned the title as the largest event of gaming industry in Eastern Europe.

On June 7th and 8th in the capital’s Sokolniki can be found “the gamblers”: eminent experts, knowledgeable about gaming, everything from “A to Z”. Venerable developers who will put their hands to the top online games, the CEO of technology start-UPS, representatives of partner programs and, of course, ordinary visitors who wanted to see firsthand and hear all that was going on here.

♠ For team Imperium-Games, involvement in RUSSIA GAMING WEEK 2017 – not a debut. This year, organization of the exhibition sponsor badges RGW was company Imperium-Games software for betting clubs and land based casino.

According to tradition, the RGW takes place in multiple threads. Remains unchanged exhibition area, which runs for two days. Show yourself and see others, in Moscow, come from many corners. On this site their products are independent developers, beginners and start-up projects, payment systems, bookmakers, etc.

Next followed the section called “Developer zone”, in which experts not only demonstrated their achievements and exchanged experience, but could find investors, partners and customers. Kind of the best tête-à-tête.

And, of course, the most important is the conference where we spoke about pressing issues, trends and format question-answer communicated with invited speakers.

If to recap briefly heard during the first day RGW, and discussed the following topics: features of the use of B2B-solutions in the betting sector, target allocations for the development of the eSports trend tools for advertising of betting solutions.

The second day shifted the focus to new technologies (blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence) and their use in the gambling industry.

And in addition to what we have seen and heard, we were able to meet with our partners and clients, don’t miss a chance to visit RGW in Moscow.

Thanks to the organizers for a 2nd day, the speakers for their interesting and live performances, exhibitors for bright and original stands, and our customers for choosing us.

See you, soon!