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The Main Things about Crypto Casino Platforms working on Blockchain.

28 Oct 2021

How does a Blockchain Crypto Casino Platform Work?

Blockchain or BTC gambling platform uses smart contracts to record transactions on the blockchain, and tokens act as chips. The player makes a deposit with sweepstakes systems, and the smart contract changes the deposit into tokens and sends them to the player’s account on the crypto casino platform. Casinos can create blockchain and tokens or use a ready-made blockchain module. Every online casino has to be controlled by gaming regulators. Without a license, a BTC gambling platform cannot open a bank account and operate legally. Recently, authorities have started to collaborate with developers of blockchain modules. Thanks to the blockchain, verification is simplified, because the regulator sees all the actions of the crypto casino platform in real-time. Gambling resources can use the blockchain in different ways. For example, a BTC gambling platform can offer slots entirely based on technology, or connect the ability to make transactions in cryptocurrency. Any of these options is attractive to customers and always increases the level of trust in online sweepstakes systems.

Benefits of a Blockchain in the Gambling

The most crucial thing is that blockchain brings transparency to all processes. All activities of gamblers and BTC gambling platforms are recorded in the public register. Nobody can change this data, and you can always check it.

  • You can always see casino balance. The blockchain crypto casino platform sends a win to the client’s account via a smart contract. A smart contract can be tracked on the blockchain. Having the address, the user can verify the transaction. All smart contract codes are publicly available, and users can check any of them.
  • Blockchain makes the game fair. Operators buy sweepstakes systems from game providers. The regulator checks the fairness of games. Usually this algorithm involves hundreds of bets, and then the percentage of return of each game is calculated based on the result. It is not possible for an average user to recheck this information. BTC gaming platform records the bets and their results in the blockchain, so the percentage of the game return can be checked.
  • Affiliates are never cheated. Affiliates are partners of the crypto casino platform. Their task is to being players to the resource through referral links and receive a percentage of their deposits. Online casinos can cheat with a percentage, but it can never happen in blockchain.

Summing up, blockchain enables every BTC gaming platform to rapidly evolve and reach a new level of customer interaction based on trust. This technology guarantees fair play, boosting casino reputation in the eyes of players.