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Industry of Gambling in 2016: What has changed?

02 Nov 2016

If we compare the financial indicators, for example, from 2014, we can see that the market volume increased by 2 billion. And the number of online casinos to 15%.

What factors affect the “growth” of this multi-million’s industry? The emergence of mobile platforms and other innovative systems, offering the user flexible terms of games and protection of personal data? The variety of gambling offerings with improved functionality? Attract a new audience?

We decided to look into this and identified the main factors that characterize the online gambling industry in 2016.

The global online games market, in 2015, brought $41 billion of income

Only 10 years ago, online casinos were just starting to do “your first steps” and the few who predicted that in such a short period of time they will be able to climb to such heights. In 2005, revenues from online gambling sector were 13.8 billion dollars. And this is three times less than the figures for the previous year.

Manufacturers pay attention to the separate segments of the target audience

Another novelty this year is the creation of online casinos that cater to a narrow audience. In particular, this slot machines for businessmen, housewives, etc.

Why is this happening? Because every year the portrait of the player of gambling on the Internet is becoming more diverse. Whereas previously, operators relied on a middle-aged man, now casino more actively playing women. Today they account for 40% of the total number of players.

Also changed the age limit of entrance. The main reason of this trend is the penetration of the Internet in even the most remote corners of the world, as well as the emergence of a new, young generation of players who have already reached adulthood.

Paying with cryptocurrency – not the novelty but a regularity

If we talk about the financial aspects of this industry, it is not necessary to forget about the cryptocurrency because in 2016 the number of payments, who used cryptocurrency, accounted for 20% of the total. Last year the figure was 8% less. So soon, payment with Internet money will become commonplace to the world of online gambling.

Mobile gambling comes: players love to play on tablets

Despite the fact that players on smartphones quite a lot, the percentage of users who prefer online casinos on tablets, is also quite impressive. This type of players also brings the industry a nice profit. According to preliminary estimates, in 2018 the profits from gambling on tablets, at least, will double and will exceed $9 billion.

Fans of online bingo has grown 60 times since 2008

Bingo is not the last place among the assortment of games at online casinos. To tell the truth, this game is one of the top. According to estimates, only 2015 more than 2 million players have staked on bingo, spending more than $3 billion. This is quite an interesting observation, given the specifics of this game.

Rapid development of the industry in 2016, the influx of new players, the demand for bright and original solutions, has led many developers to implement and adapt their products with many innovative solutions, in order not to lose customers and to attract, eager to test the abilities of new users.

Well, let’s follow the new releases and see what will please the developers in 2017.