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Fish Games in the Library of Imperium-Games

10 May 2018

The gaming business has recently become so rich in various offers and opportunities that it is quite difficult to surprise clients truly and satisfy their wishes completely. We are talking not about lines of this business, but about the extensive choice of products in each of the segments. Year after year, it makes it more challenging to offer clients something new and different from what already exists. For Imperium-Games, the sky is the limit.

Today, we are glad to present to our clients an absolute novelty. It is a new game for interactive clubs and mobile gadgets: FISH GAMES.

Fish Games is an arcade game. The story is set on the ocean floor against a background of colorful underwater flora. Your task is to hunt for a variety of sea animals. Everyone who hears about this game for the first time has the following questions: What is the difference between common arcade games and this novelty? What does FISH GAMES have to do with gambling? That’s where all the fun begins.

As in any other game of chance, the first thing you have to do is to replenish the game balance. When a player’s balance is credited, he or she will need to choose one of three proposed gaming tables. The difference between the tables lies in the size of possible bets and the power of offered weapons for hunting. Every shot on the fish is a kind of spin, and every hit on the target is a win. The size of the win depends on the power of the selected weapon and the size of the selected target. The more powerful your weapon is, the more expensive each shot is. At the same time, the possibility of shooting a large prey significantly increases: the larger fish is shot by the player, the more points are credited to his/her game balance.

One more distinguishing feature of Fish Games is a multiplayer option.  Eight players can hunt at one table simultaneously, which makes the game even more interesting and adds excitement to all gamers. If a number of players exceeds eight people, the system automatically creates a new game table.

How to get started with Fish Games?

If you are an owner of the gaming hall, we may offer you to install the game on your existing gaming computers and terminals. Moreover, we have developed a mobile version of the game, which allows all your clients to continue the game process at anytime and anywhere. All you need is a mobile device connected to the Internet and a required number of credits on the gaming balance.

We may also offer you a ready-made device for Fish Games. For its manufacture, we use a classic gaming terminal equipped with a touch screen monitor, a game joystick, a button for controlling the game, a bill acceptor and a printer for printing checks. Optionally, this slot can be featured with slot games from the Imperium-Games collection.

By cooperating with Imperium-Games, you get a product of the future today.