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All You Need to Know About the White-Label Online Casino Software

08 Jun 2021

What is a White Label Casino?

White Label is a format of cooperation when products or services of one company are sold or leased to another company, which uses them under its own brand. In gambling, it is actually a turnkey casino purchase. At the same time, the business owner does not need to buy slot games for online casino and other software, create a website, deal with customer engagement and promotion. All this is provided by a large operator. In simple words, a well-known company takes a new brand under its care, shares its casino games for café, customers, places a new project on a well-promoted platform, advertises it and provides exclusive opportunities for successful activities.


Advantages of the White Label Online Casino Software.

Buying a ready-made online casino using the white label approach, the customer gets not only slot games for online casinos, but a lot of other benefits:

  1. professionally created platform;
  2. a license to run a gambling business;
  3. high-quality white label online casino software;
  4. a package of popular games from leading developers without the need to buy slots online;
  5. integrated payment systems;
  6. high-quality technical support;
  7. extensive client base.

With the white label approach, a new gambling resource have better chances to quickly gain popularity in the industry, gather its own customer base and become independent from the parent company by obtaining its own gambling license.

How to Launch a White Label Casino?

It is important not to be tempted by the first offer to buy a White Label Online Casino Software. There are many developers offering to buy casino games for café. Always choose a company based on the reviews of previous clients, its reputation in the market and its age. This approach will help you not to waste money and avoid additional expenses on slot games for online casinos. Take time to check the following points once you are ready to buy a turnkey solution:

  1. Find out what license the selected company has. A permit issued by a respected authority enhances the casino’s credibility in the eyes of the players.
  2. Check out the games that the parent company offers. It will be good if casino games for café are from such reputable software providers as Playtech, Greentube, Microgaming, and similar.
  3. Do not underestimate the importance of branding and designing. No only slot games for online casino matter. Design will distinguish you from other casinos, so check carefully other products of the company as you will not have chances to change it once buying white label online casino software.
  4. Consider marketing activities provided by the supplier. You will have a finished product with a unique name and will not need to buy slots online. But you still need to attract players to it. So check in advance how effectively the parent company promotes its products.
  5. Remember that the price tag for white label online casino software can be very different and depend entirely on your requirements and the platform you will operate on. Study packages of several providers to find an acceptable option.