Macau casinos remain open amid COVID closures

Macau has introduced a fresh round of closures to curb a recent rise in Covid-19 cases, though casinos will stay open.

A number of leisure facilities have been ordered to close following a sudden surge in coronavirus cases over the past week.

Cinemas, hair salons and nightclubs are among those facing closure from 5 pm local time today, while dine-in service at restaurants or similar establishments is prohibited, a statement on Macau’s government website read.

In addition, all leisure facilities managed by Macau’s Municipal Affairs Bureau, such as parks, gardens and exhibition halls, are being suspended from operation.

But casinos have evaded closure, despite several infections linked to them. Four positive cases were recorded in relation to an 18 June wedding held at SJM Holdings’ Grand Lisboa Palace.

And yesterday, the city’s daily testing identified two dealers, alongside a table game manager, office worker and a cleaner, as cases originating from casinos.

Earlier today, Macau’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre reported that 110 positive cases had thus far been detected.

This comes as citywide nucleic acid testing (NAT) is launched. All local residents and individuals staying in Macau must submit to testing.

Executive Order No. 102/2022, which introduces the latest closures, was issued by Chief Executive Ho lat-seng based on an evaluation by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre.

Besides the aforementioned properties subject to this order, theatres, indoor amusement parks, game centres, cybercafes, billiard rooms, bowling centres, saunas, massage parlours, beauty salons, gyms, health clubs, karaoke lounges, discos, dance parlours, cabaret venues and swimming pools will all close.


Don’t pay attention to the spread of the flu! Get your gaming business up and running!

IGT inks 10-year contract extension with Kansas Lottery

International Game Technology (IGT) will continue to support the Kansas Lottery through mid-December 2032.

Both parties have put pen to paper on a 10-year contract extension that will see IGT deliver an enhanced version of its Intelligen electronic gaming central system.

By integrating IGT’s upgraded Intelligen software, the Sunflower State’s lottery will purportedly receive the supplier’s “most advanced systems technology to strategically manage its electronic gaming machine (EGM) network.”

Under this new agreement, the Kansas Lottery will receive site controllers that will maintain network diagnostics and communications between all gaming machines, as well as business intelligence tools for day-to-day operations management and reporting.

“IGT’s upgraded Intelligen system will provide the Kansas Lottery with a suite of comprehensive tools designed to drive revenues and offer its players world-class gaming experiences,” said Jay Gendron, IGT’s Chief Operating Officer for Global Lottery.

“Intelligen’s improved system performance will also allow the lottery to manage its vast network with maximum efficiency over the next decade and position the lottery to deploy future functionality to meet the needs of the evolving gaming landscape.”

In addition to EGMs and its Intelligen central system, IGT also provides the Kansas Lottery with instant ticket games and printing services. The new contract will run through 14 December 2032.

The company previously agreed a three-year contract extension with the lottery in 2019 but that is set to end in December of this year. The original agreement was awarded to IGT in 2008.



The ongoing crypto crash is nothing to worry about according to Mark Cuban, as relaxing of crypto tax rules arrives in Germany this week.

OneCoin’s founder Ruja Ignatova, the notorious ‘CryptoQueen’, has been added to Europe’s list of most wanted people. Ignatova orchestrated one of the biggest scams in the history of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

She hoodwinked investors for billions of dollars back in 2017 and her brother was arrested in the US where he is still currently detained. Ignatova herself has disappeared with investigators speculating over where the cunning woman keeps the missing $5bn.

In the meantime, OneCoin, the scam project, has still been active in Bulgaria, where it was run from, under the nose of authorities.

Speaking of fraud, five state regulators in the US have slammed the Flamingo Casino Club, a metaverse casino with alleged ties to Russia that has been fraudulently associating itself with the prominent Flamingo Las Vegas casino.

Germany has introduced some changes to its legislation to make the sale of crypto tax-free if the cryptocurrencies are held for at least a year. This marks an important change in the way cryptocurrencies are regulated and should help with further adoption of these assets.

But attitudes towards cryptocurrencies haven’t been all warm and fuzzy, as Bankless, a popular educational YouTube channel on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, was banned by the Google-owned platform.

Regulators have been busy trying to figure out crypto fraud. The US Justice Department indicted Luiz Capuci Jr for a purported fraud scheme that had cost investors an estimated $62m. As the crypto market lost more than $1.2 trillion in value over the past few weeks, the events have been described as a “buyer’s market”.

Analysts see an opportunity for anyone who has been hesitant about cryptocurrencies to get started and involved with the process themselves. Meanwhile, there have been some interesting developments relating to the stablecoin market.

USD Tether lost five cents off its value. This is huge news because the cryptocurrency token is pegged to the value of the US dollar and it’s not supposed to be trading at $0.95 at all.

However, it was on Thursday. But all is well, as billionaire investor Mark Cuban is confident that the current cryptocurrency slump is just a “phase”, similar to what the internet went through in the 2000s.

In the meantime, you can still spend the weekend enjoying your favorite crypto casinos. Moreover, you can make your own gaming club. Please contact us when you have a chance.



A fraudulent casino project has been handed a 22-page cease and desist letter and asked to stop sales of its NFTs in five US states.

A metaverse casino projects with ties to Russia has been handed a cease-and-decease letter by five US state regulators.

The Flamingo Casino Club is accused of misleading investors into believing that the online casino is linked to the iconic Flamingo Las Vegas property.

The connection has been implied across the metaverse project to build up investor confidence and extract bigger investments.

However, the states of New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama and Wisconsin have prepared a 22-page letter in which they address the fraudulent claims, and reveal it has ties to Russia.

The website IP of the NFT-inspired casino can be traced back to Moscow, raising another red flag.

The Flamingo Casino Club has made several false claims, including that it’s associated and in partnerships with Yahoo and MarketWatch.

Both claims have been disproved by the state regulators. In their letter, the watchdogs argued that the property is purposefully concealing its connection to Russia.

“Not only is it allegedly concealing its connection to Russia, but the Flamingo Casino Club is also allegedly using a phony office address, providing a telephone number that is not in service, concealing its actual physical location and hiding material information about its principals”, the letter reads.

The website is also suspected of other serious breaches, such as concealing information about use and origin of funds.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the project, which has made several ambiguous claims. Flamingo Casino Club has been telling participants that they will be entitled to 50% of the casino’s income by purchasing NFTs and participating in what now appears to be a Ponzi scheme.

The project’s website still displays the Las Vegas casino property which has denied all and any association.



The most high-profile iGaming event of the year will take place in Dubai soon, March 20-23. Gaming Expo SIGMA 2022 is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world of gaming. SIGMA Dubai in 2021 has gathered a great excitement. The leaders of the world’s gaming companies discussed the development of the sphere after the pandemic and new trends in the world of iGaming software. And this discussion expected to continue at the upcoming event. The Sigma Festival is a world leader among the other Expos. 

Participants will discuss the development of the Gaming Market and innovations that can improve the whole sphere and the transition to cryptocurrency payment methods. Associates of our company Imperium-Games will also visit this forum and take part in the discussion on the better future of the iGaming. 

We plan to take a closer look at the latest software developments from the well-known companies, as well as show our pioneering solutions related to online casino cafés and bitcoin gaming clubs. It is a very precious and important experience to be at such a large-scale event. We hope to enhance the quality of our service, we care about our customers and want to provide only the best experience to the players.

Every year, the Gaming Festival attracts more than 1,500 participants from all over the world. Businessmen, gaming club owners, and representatives of the most famous software suppliers will meet to discuss the market development. This year’s event promises to be very fascinating thanks to the major industry participants. You can see the floor plan on the official site. We are expecting the industry giants such as BETB2B, iGame, Playtech, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, King Billy, Pragmatic Play, and CEO’s of more than 100 other iGaming industry companies at the event this year. 

Countless well-known providers and companies closely connected with the Gaming Business will act as sponsors and partners of SIGMA Dubai 2022. Provider Play’n GO and Pragmatic, EvenBet Gaming, and cryptocurrency platform Crypto Pay, there is even PokerStars as a partner of the forum. The event promises to be exciting and informative. When so many big named companies meet, it is always impressive to see how it will all appear and what products will be showed this time.

Bitcoin casinos as the main focus of discussion

The upcoming iGaming event will touch on the topic of Bitcoin casinos in current realities. If you follow the news, it’s no secret that all online casinos are gradually introducing cryptocurrency payment. Gaming establishments that accept solely cryptocurrency deposits have already appeared. It is no coincidence that so many players of the cryptocurrency business will gather at the upcoming Gaming festival. It is very intriguing to see what topics will be raised at the conference. 

Cryptocurrency is a big plus for the whole Casino Business. The ability to make payments anonymously gives numerous perks to casino operators and high-roller gamblers alike. Bitcoin casino creates new formats in the industry & enlivens it. But several big questions remain. Aren’t all the gaming websites moving too soon to cryptocurrency payment methods? Should online casino owners introduce such a feature in their house? How will it affect their profits? What is the future of bitcoin casinos? This is what the attendees of SIGMA 2022 Dubai will have to address.

Introduction to the program of SIGMA 2022 Dubai

SiGMA provides top-notch networking opportunities and awards to leading players of the Gaming Industry to  celebrate the achievements. The brilliant event will also include an art auction, all proceeds from which will go to the SiGMA Foundation for various charitable projects. The festival will also showcase the excellent online casino software solutions from various providers. 

You can see a list of software developers on the website form. Above we listed some of them. At the festival, you can also expect many top speakers from the world of iGaming. Amin Siala, a marketing development consultant from Google, will give a lecture on content marketing to all attendees. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, will talk about how to create big products and stop being afraid. It will be exceptional, and every operator can learn something new.

Meet the leaders, decision makers and technology experts who will help you create long-term success.   Contact us now by email: or dial us office: +447769946483

AIBC & AGS: 2 Events Under One Roof: What’s The Occasion?

El país emirato donde se celebra la exposición es probablemente el lugar más importante del mundo para la economía del futuro y se espera que crezca en importancia y avance tecnológico, ya que se considera una de las mejores regiones del mundo para el desarrollo exitoso de los negocios.

El desarrollo a largo plazo, las últimas innovaciones y los complejos factores interrelacionados fueron debatidos por los principales comercializadores del mundo durante las Cumbres AGS y AIBC simultáneamente bajo un mismo techo. Más de 7.500 entusiastas, empresarios y expertos del sector acudieron al Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City para asistir a emocionantes conferencias y a oportunidades únicas de establecer contactos con los principales profesionales del marketing del mundo. El equipo de Imperium-Games también asistió al evento, y no es la primera vez que acude a Dubai este año. ¿Cuál es la ocasión? ¿De qué se habló en tal evento?

El futuro de Blockchain

Dominik Ernst (un conocido desarrollador alemán) presentó algo interesante en su stand. Uno de los problemas más acuciantes en el desarrollo de los contratos inteligentes es la falta de datos reales. Pero debido a las limitaciones técnicas, como el protocolo de consenso, ninguna blockchain ha sido capaz de resolver esta limitación básica. El proyecto Acria Network resuelve exactamente este problema con los llamados Nodos Oracle, que no necesitan un intermediario. Además, ofrece un soporte de cadena cruzada para proporcionar datos reales a diferentes cadenas de bloques.


Mientras Nikita Sachdev hablaba de cómo el dinero fiduciario convencional se ha depreciado en Venezuela, El Salvador anunciaba que generaría bitcoins a partir de la electricidad renovable y barata de los volcanes. Averigüemos en qué medida se convertirá Centroamérica en una criptogranja si el bitcoin se convierte en moneda de curso legal allí y no sólo en un libro de contabilidad. La legislatura de El Salvador aprobó la ley que permite el uso de bitcoin para las transacciones, el primer país del mundo en hacerlo.

Los delegados pudieron presenciar fascinantes conferencias, asistir a emocionantes exposiciones y participar en auténticos eventos de networking en lo alto del rascacielos de Dubai.

Pero eso fue todo en la cumbre de la AIBC, pero ¿qué pasa con el marketing?

Proximidad móvil

A pesar de los ambiciosos esfuerzos y las soluciones creativas de cada concursante, solo se eligió a un ganador: Hayi, una aplicación gratuita de creación de redes para los barrios de Dubai. Recibieron consultas gratuitas de expertos del sector, valiosas oportunidades de establecer contactos y un stand gratuito en la próxima cumbre de AGS, que se celebrará en Malta del 16 al 19 de noviembre de este año. ¿Estará usted allí? Podemos concertar una cita o simplemente ponernos en contacto con nosotros.

Las conferencias del día siguiente se centraron en la innovación, con expertos como Nick Ayton, el Dr. Davorin Kralj, Tom Wozniak, Farouk Aydin, Jamie Turner, Matt Conlin y Jim Mansfield, que trataron temas como el comercio electrónico y la inteligencia artificial en el marketing. En suntuosas cenas, ponentes y oyentes se reunieron en suntuosos locales para establecer contactos.

¿Cuál es el plan? ¿Quién es el siguiente? ¿Otra pregunta? El equipo de Imperium-Games se alegró de visitar esta maravillosa ciudad una vez más, fue una semana muy productiva. ¡Gracias a todos!


Caleta is our Partner Now!

Nos complace informarle de que Caleta Gaming colabora ahora con Imperium-Games. Esto significa que todos los productos de juego de esta empresa están ahora en nuestra oferta de plataforma de juego online. Permítanos contarle más sobre esta empresa y nuestra colaboración.

Hemos ampliado notablemente nuestro ámbito geográfico tras acordar con Caleta aumentar nuestra presencia en regiones importantes de la CEI, Asia, África, Europa y América Latina en particular.

La amplia biblioteca de juegos de Caleta será ahora accesible para los socios de Imperium-Games y todos los juegos creados en HTML5 funcionarán sin problemas en cualquier dispositivo.

Toda la cartera de juegos de la empresa se ha traducido a 12 idiomas debido a su mayor expansión internacional. El mes pasado, la empresa lanzó su último juego, Botto Bingo, alcanzando la marca de 70 juegos propios desarrollados en su plataforma, GP5. Además de esos 70 juegos, la empresa lanzó unos 50 juegos para varios operadores establecidos de la industria del juego entre 2013 y 2017.

Ofrecemos soluciones premium para juegos de azar en línea y móviles. A partir de ahora también proporcionamos una integración flexible y sin fisuras de la API de Caleta Gaming. Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información.

Pragmatic Play está ahora con nosotros

Pragmatic Play, como proveedor de contenidos líder en el sector, ha firmado un acuerdo de colaboración con Imperium-Games para ofrecer sus máquinas tragaperras y productos de Live Casino en toda nuestra amplia plataforma de juego.

Permítanos contarle más sobre nuestros socios. La empresa Pragmatic Play es relativamente joven. Fue fundada en 2015. Su ámbito de actividad se definió inmediatamente como software para casinos. El mismo negocio de juegos de azar al que la empresa se dedica hasta hoy. La oficina central se encuentra en Malta. La licencia también se obtuvo en la misma jurisdicción.

Las tragaperras en línea de Pragmatic Play se someten a pruebas periódicas por parte de las comisiones de perfil en busca de algoritmos fraudulentos. No se ha observado ninguna mala conducta por parte de este proveedor. Las tragaperras de Pragmatic Play están representadas por un surtido de 180 tragaperras. El proveedor tiene una buena productividad: los nuevos lanzamientos aparecen con una regularidad envidiable.

Características de las tragaperras de Pragmatic Play

Es seguro comprar máquinas tragaperras de Pragmatic Play. La conformidad de los productos del proveedor con los requisitos de seguridad está garantizada por la reputada empresa Gaming Labs, esta empresa certifica el software. Debido al proceso de juego justo los clientes del casino tienen una buena oportunidad de ganar una buena cantidad de dinero, su lealtad al establecimiento es cada vez más fuerte.

Las tragaperras online de Pragmatic Play funcionan sin problemas en el ordenador y en los dispositivos móviles. No importa qué navegador utilice el jugador. Ranuras sin pretensiones a la capacidad del dispositivo y la velocidad de Internet.

Los operadores de casinos que han decidido comprar máquinas tragaperras de Pragmatic Play pueden elegir entre tragaperras clásicas y nuevas ofertas modernas. Son especialmente populares entre los jugadores Diamond Strike, Sweet Bonanza, Wolf Gold y la emocionante serie de juegos John Hunter.

Oferta de juego de Pragmatic Play

Además de las máquinas tragaperras de Pragmatic Play, Imperium-Games tiene acceso a la oferta de Live Casino del proveedor. Esto incluye las dinámicas series de blackjack y ruleta Azure, así como los juegos de estilo espectáculo de Pragmatic Play, Mega Wheel, y la recientemente lanzada Mega Roulette.

Con nosotros, puede encontrar una gran selección de productos de juego de Pragmatic Play. Podemos ofrecerle un modo de demostración, que también es interesante. Las máquinas tragaperras en modo demo son totalmente consistentes con sus homólogas "de dinero" en términos de componentes visuales y música. También se conservan todas las funciones del juego. Toda la cartera de la empresa está disponible a través de una única integración API.

El resultado final para 2020

Since the New Year holidays are just around the corner, many people are summing up the year and making plans for the future. Let’s review the past year.

By the end of 2020, online casino gaming is more accessible than ever, and it’s only becoming more prevalent as technology advances. This boom in popularity has led to the creation of countless online casinos, so choosing top-notch software developers for casino platforms is a must for casino operators who want to stand out from the crowd. 

New providers

While there are many aspects to look out for when opening an online casino, careful selection of software developers should take precedence, as this will be the determining factor for many players. In addition to attracting them, great software developers will also keep your players loyal. This year we added 5 new and best on the market software providers – Merkur, Quickspin, Bally, Ainsworth, Yggdrasil. They excel in their field of work. It’s superb graphic and audio, eventually easy-to-use interfaces. As a company, we have a bright vision and strong focus on the future and are pushing forward our ambitious plans. New slot features, new promotion opportunities and new payment solutions.

Poker software

Poker: Psychology or Math? We suppose both. This year, Imperium-Games has deployed an unrivaled all-channel poker room. If there’s an opportunity to improve your game, why not take it? Our user-friendly poker client has everything you need to run your own fully branded, fully customizable poker rooms, with multiple game types and an extensive selection of table stakes and buy-ins. With support for multiple languages and currencies, our client is the leading solution for licensees around the world.

Android POS

Another great accomplishment this year is the android POS from Imperium-Games. It’s a V1s by SUNMI which allows us to obtain faster response and more flexible use. Progression is powerful. V1s supports the function of store membership card swiping. It provides the members with additional services such as points accumulation. That device promotes store members’ loyalty! It can be paired with a multifunctional scanning platform for hands-free operation. Specialists are on hand 24/7 to provide second level support for licensees, monitor the performance of our networks and escalate any issues.


This year we visited the ICE London 2020, we would like to remember it again at the conclusion of this past year. It was a beautiful event. We loved the esports area and a featured custom-built stage. It was very interesting to hear Danny Rogers’ thoughts on the industry and government regulation in the future. On the third day, we actively participated in workshops, shared knowledge, and met many of our friends. We got the opportunity to meet some of our clients who began as small start-ups and had progressed to exhibiting at ICE in their own right. 

Although it was a very difficult year for the world, the industry grew in size and developed considerably. We did a lot this year, and we will do even more next year. Stay tuned and have a great new year!

Ainsworth is on board

Good day dear friends, today we are glad to inform you that Imperium-Games is now working closely with Ainsworth! With more than twenty years of experience, Ainsworth is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gaming solutions, the main focus of which is video slots. Their company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, but they have offices in both North and South America, and they operate all over the world.

Their machines are available in more than 50 countries and have a vintage feel, accompanied by easily recognizable sound effects that can be heard during a spin of the reels or a winning combination. All of their slot machines are now available for our customers (which is a large amount of quality software), as long as they are added to the package of purchased software. Respectable collection of slots, focused on gameplay. They state that they have over 50 games slated for development per year — their content is always going to be available for both playtest and regular casino use. The fastest and safest way to integrate the entire game library from Ainsworth is to use the single API integration platform from Imperium-Games.

Most online casino software is developed on a JavaScript and HTML5 framework, allowing players to access the games from multiple devices, both desktop and mobile. The games are not burdened with unnecessary features and controls. Rather, they are easy to use, as they have simple game mechanics as well as lucrative payouts that all players are after. By integrating through Imperium-Games’ platform, you will get hold of not only all Ainsworth slots but also other 800+ games from 30 different software providers that make up the elaborate network of Imperium-Games’ partners. Get in touch with us!

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