How to Buy a Casino Website in India in 2022?

The online gaming market is growing by leaps and bounds these days. Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not reduce its growth, and, on the contrary, strengthened it. Being such a sustainable business model, this segment attracts numerous enthusiasts who want to buy a casino website. Today we would like to tell you how to open your own online casino and why, in our opinion, India is the perfect country for this. You will also learn how to choose trustworthy providers of casino software in India and how to obtain an online casino license. 

Why opt for a casino software in India?

iGaming in India is already estimated at about $60 billion a year, and this number has its potential to grow annually. Many experts say that India is the best place to buy a casino website. Let’s try to figure out why this is so.

The 2nd largest country

1.3 million people living in India make it the second-largest country, just after China (1.4 million). In addition, scientists claim that India will catch up and overtake its neighbor within 5 next years. Moreover, about 800 million Indians own at least one gadget and use the Internet on a regular basis. Do you understand what that means? A huge number of potential online casino players who will bring your business enormous profits.

The most English-speaking country

Have you ever wondered if the most English-speaking country isn’t England or the United States? Neither do we. Nevertheless, it is a fact that about 350 million Indians understand English. This is another reason to buy a casino website in India, as you don’t have to optimize your gaming platform for multiple languages. In addition, absolutely all casino software providers support the English language. 

Loyal gambling policy

Unlike China, which seems to have banned almost everything, India is considered the world’s first democracy (in terms of population). The territorial structure of the country is similar to the USA, as India is also divided into states. In many of them, especially the tourist ones, gambling is legal. Thus, India remains one of the most comfortable countries for online casino players, attracting both operators & providers of casino software in India.

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Buy a casino website in India: Market characteristics

As with any business, the launch of an online casino can be divided into several stages. Since the Indian market has its own peculiarities, we will talk about some of them in more detail.

Online casino license in India 

The first thing you should take care of is getting an online casino license. Without it, you simply can not legally operate your gaming club. Despite the fact that it is forbidden to create iGaming platforms in India, the activities of foreign online casinos are allowed. Thus, you have to get an online casino license in one of the offshore locations, such as Curaçao or Malta. Even though the licenses of these states are the cheapest ones, their cost starts from 15,000 euros. Kind of expensive, isn’t it?

However, there is an alternative to such an overpriced solution. Now you can order the White Label Casino service, which already includes an online casino license. White Label is a rental of a ready-made iGaming platform, so you can buy a casino website and launch it in the shortest possible time. It is much cheaper and doesn’t require the cost of paperwork & long negotiations. We have been providing this kind of service for a long time, and glad to help you as well. Send us a request and our managers will answer you in no time!

How to choose the suppliers of the casino software in India?

Another important aspect is the choice of the appropriate casino software providers. Since ancient times, games of chance have been a fundamental part of Indian culture. It is now clear why online casino players in India are crazy about slots and roulette. And above all else, they prefer Indian themed slots, such as Jewels of India and Bollywood Stories. Make sure that these games are included into the portfolio of your vendor of casino software in India.

When it comes to the sports betting, Indians have a great passion as well. Even as a British colony, the Indians loved cricket. To this day, online casino players still actively cheer for their favorite team and make a massive amount of bets. That’s why you should definitely integrate the sports betting API into your gaming club. We have a list of casino software providers who are leaders in every segment of the iGaming market. We highly recommend you to check it out. Learn more…


Now it seems obvious why it’s a good idea to buy a casino website in India. It is a country with an extremely huge population and loyal legislation. The propensity for gambling is a hallmark of online casino players here. You will never go wrong with such a promising market as India. We will be happy to help you get an online casino license and choose a reliable supplier of casino software in India. It is a mutually beneficial cooperation, and we guarantee that you won’t regret it. 

Macau casinos remain open amid COVID closures

Macau has introduced a fresh round of closures to curb a recent rise in Covid-19 cases, though casinos will stay open.

A number of leisure facilities have been ordered to close following a sudden surge in coronavirus cases over the past week.

Cinemas, hair salons and nightclubs are among those facing closure from 5 pm local time today, while dine-in service at restaurants or similar establishments is prohibited, a statement on Macau’s government website read.

In addition, all leisure facilities managed by Macau’s Municipal Affairs Bureau, such as parks, gardens and exhibition halls, are being suspended from operation.

But casinos have evaded closure, despite several infections linked to them. Four positive cases were recorded in relation to an 18 June wedding held at SJM Holdings’ Grand Lisboa Palace.

And yesterday, the city’s daily testing identified two dealers, alongside a table game manager, office worker and a cleaner, as cases originating from casinos.

Earlier today, Macau’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre reported that 110 positive cases had thus far been detected.

This comes as citywide nucleic acid testing (NAT) is launched. All local residents and individuals staying in Macau must submit to testing.

Executive Order No. 102/2022, which introduces the latest closures, was issued by Chief Executive Ho lat-seng based on an evaluation by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre.

Besides the aforementioned properties subject to this order, theatres, indoor amusement parks, game centres, cybercafes, billiard rooms, bowling centres, saunas, massage parlours, beauty salons, gyms, health clubs, karaoke lounges, discos, dance parlours, cabaret venues and swimming pools will all close.


Don’t pay attention to the spread of the flu! Get your gaming business up and running!

IGT inks 10-year contract extension with Kansas Lottery

International Game Technology (IGT) will continue to support the Kansas Lottery through mid-December 2032.

Both parties have put pen to paper on a 10-year contract extension that will see IGT deliver an enhanced version of its Intelligen electronic gaming central system.

By integrating IGT’s upgraded Intelligen software, the Sunflower State’s lottery will purportedly receive the supplier’s “most advanced systems technology to strategically manage its electronic gaming machine (EGM) network.”

Under this new agreement, the Kansas Lottery will receive site controllers that will maintain network diagnostics and communications between all gaming machines, as well as business intelligence tools for day-to-day operations management and reporting.

“IGT’s upgraded Intelligen system will provide the Kansas Lottery with a suite of comprehensive tools designed to drive revenues and offer its players world-class gaming experiences,” said Jay Gendron, IGT’s Chief Operating Officer for Global Lottery.

“Intelligen’s improved system performance will also allow the lottery to manage its vast network with maximum efficiency over the next decade and position the lottery to deploy future functionality to meet the needs of the evolving gaming landscape.”

In addition to EGMs and its Intelligen central system, IGT also provides the Kansas Lottery with instant ticket games and printing services. The new contract will run through 14 December 2032.

The company previously agreed a three-year contract extension with the lottery in 2019 but that is set to end in December of this year. The original agreement was awarded to IGT in 2008.



The ongoing crypto crash is nothing to worry about according to Mark Cuban, as relaxing of crypto tax rules arrives in Germany this week.

OneCoin’s founder Ruja Ignatova, the notorious ‘CryptoQueen’, has been added to Europe’s list of most wanted people. Ignatova orchestrated one of the biggest scams in the history of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

She hoodwinked investors for billions of dollars back in 2017 and her brother was arrested in the US where he is still currently detained. Ignatova herself has disappeared with investigators speculating over where the cunning woman keeps the missing $5bn.

In the meantime, OneCoin, the scam project, has still been active in Bulgaria, where it was run from, under the nose of authorities.

Speaking of fraud, five state regulators in the US have slammed the Flamingo Casino Club, a metaverse casino with alleged ties to Russia that has been fraudulently associating itself with the prominent Flamingo Las Vegas casino.

Germany has introduced some changes to its legislation to make the sale of crypto tax-free if the cryptocurrencies are held for at least a year. This marks an important change in the way cryptocurrencies are regulated and should help with further adoption of these assets.

But attitudes towards cryptocurrencies haven’t been all warm and fuzzy, as Bankless, a popular educational YouTube channel on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, was banned by the Google-owned platform.

Regulators have been busy trying to figure out crypto fraud. The US Justice Department indicted Luiz Capuci Jr for a purported fraud scheme that had cost investors an estimated $62m. As the crypto market lost more than $1.2 trillion in value over the past few weeks, the events have been described as a “buyer’s market”.

Analysts see an opportunity for anyone who has been hesitant about cryptocurrencies to get started and involved with the process themselves. Meanwhile, there have been some interesting developments relating to the stablecoin market.

USD Tether lost five cents off its value. This is huge news because the cryptocurrency token is pegged to the value of the US dollar and it’s not supposed to be trading at $0.95 at all.

However, it was on Thursday. But all is well, as billionaire investor Mark Cuban is confident that the current cryptocurrency slump is just a “phase”, similar to what the internet went through in the 2000s.

In the meantime, you can still spend the weekend enjoying your favorite crypto casinos. Moreover, you can make your own gaming club. Please contact us when you have a chance.



A fraudulent casino project has been handed a 22-page cease and desist letter and asked to stop sales of its NFTs in five US states.

A metaverse casino projects with ties to Russia has been handed a cease-and-decease letter by five US state regulators.

The Flamingo Casino Club is accused of misleading investors into believing that the online casino is linked to the iconic Flamingo Las Vegas property.

The connection has been implied across the metaverse project to build up investor confidence and extract bigger investments.

However, the states of New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama and Wisconsin have prepared a 22-page letter in which they address the fraudulent claims, and reveal it has ties to Russia.

The website IP of the NFT-inspired casino can be traced back to Moscow, raising another red flag.

The Flamingo Casino Club has made several false claims, including that it’s associated and in partnerships with Yahoo and MarketWatch.

Both claims have been disproved by the state regulators. In their letter, the watchdogs argued that the property is purposefully concealing its connection to Russia.

“Not only is it allegedly concealing its connection to Russia, but the Flamingo Casino Club is also allegedly using a phony office address, providing a telephone number that is not in service, concealing its actual physical location and hiding material information about its principals”, the letter reads.

The website is also suspected of other serious breaches, such as concealing information about use and origin of funds.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the project, which has made several ambiguous claims. Flamingo Casino Club has been telling participants that they will be entitled to 50% of the casino’s income by purchasing NFTs and participating in what now appears to be a Ponzi scheme.

The project’s website still displays the Las Vegas casino property which has denied all and any association.


The Best Suppliers in the Business: Reliable Gaming API for each segment of the iGaming market

If we take a closer look at the thematic content of online casinos, we can quickly classify the main types of iGaming. Currently, there are several main segments: mobile casino games, casual slot machines, table games with live dealers and betting software. There are a huge variety of casino games, as well as different platforms that integrate any Gaming API. But, as a rule, 90% of the content for online casinos are included in those segments that we highlighted above.

The strategy of promoting gaming club is up to owner to choose. You have the opportunity to make a narrowly focused platform, that will concentrate one of the iGaming segments. Such projects are also in great demand on the Internet now. However, it is very important to filter your portfolio from games and providers that you don’t trust. That is why we advise you to pay attention to the well-known and reliable providers & their solutions. 

Best live casino games: Ezugi API and Vivo API.

Vivo API: betting services and premium casino live games

South American provider Vivo Gaming provides the best selection of live dealer table games. The iGaming supplier has been on the market for a long time and has created serious competition in the sphere of live games. Due to its progressive ideas and competent marketing, it quickly became one of the leaders in the field of live casino games providers. Nowadays, Vivo Gaming sets the trend for table games itself.

Vivo API is the integration of quality casino games with live dealers. Roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, and bingo, the developer actively adds new types of table games, mainly aimed at the Asian market. Its official partner is the European betting provider SBTech. The company develops B2B betting software and sports platforms for the consumer market. Vivo gaming shops are also available for integration for our clients. All data about the betting service is completely open for users, here are a few facts on which you can draw your conclusions. Monthly coverage of 60+ thousand events, coverage of 2000+ betting markets in over 50 sports, the customizable margin is between 7-12%.

Vivo API features:

vivo API, ezugi api
  1. Vivo Gaming slots software is based on HTML5 technology.
  2. Total safety. It’s worth buying Vivo slot machines for its reputable certification. All solutions are tested in Gaming Laboratories International.
  3. Gaming club operators get access to a full catalog of entertainment from Vivo Gaming and B2B partners.
  4. The iGaming supplier helps to increase the reach of casino games by broadcasting HD content on all platforms 24/7.

Ezugi API: unique additional functions and the option of synchronized gaming

Software developer Ezugi implements only the most advanced technology in its solutions. Among the 15 games, the most popular are Caribbean poker, Lottery, and Blackjack. Almost all the games can be run not only on computers but also on mobile devices and smart TV, allowing players to enjoy a realistic casino experience wherever they are. Ezugi API interface will be understandable to everyone, as it is multilingual and supports several languages at once, including English and Spanish.

Ezugi has studios in Belgium, Cambodia, Costa Rica, and many other countries on many continents, allowing them to offer the best services to operators anywhere in the world. Their dealers speak many languages, and live music can be included at a player’s request. If this and everything mentioned above have convinced you that Ezugi will be a great addition to your gaming club, it’s time to think about the provider’s API integration.

The highest-rated slot machines on the market. NetEnt API integration.

NetEnt has long been considered a standard of quality in iGaming. The provider has a good reputation and a high-quality design, pleasant sound, excellent mechanics, and animations. That’s why players from all over the world love them. The company has directed its main focus on the development of slot machines, which are the hallmark of the company. The company’s latest breakthrough can be considered the trend of reincorporating old games into the casino industry. Now the provider is actively buying the rights to old story games and releases based on them slot machines, which are exploding the market, causing a huge stir.

Integration of NetEnt API gives the operator a single point of access to all solutions from the developer. The slot machine segment of modern online casinos is overwhelming. Almost every vendor has a slot machine with a unique storyline. But in most players’ opinion, NetEnt has its unique style. Their solutions are never distrusted by players, on the contrary, they make visitors trust your gaming club. NetEnt API includes many of our favorite slot machines, as well as a huge variety of other games. Our company recommends gaming solutions from NetEnt and is ready to provide NetEnt API integration services.

Premium slot machines by NetEnt:

  • Divine Fortune
  • Knight Rider
  • Silverback Gold
  • Dead or Alive
  • Street Fighter 2

Pragmatic Play API: targeting the mobile casino market

Pragmatic Play is a leading iGaming industry provider that offers a wide portfolio of innovative, regulated, and mobile-focused gaming products. Pragmatic API includes a huge number of mobile casino games, and all of their solutions are cross-platform. The game library contains more than 100 tested HTML5 games of its production, supporting all major currencies and 31 different languages. With Bingo, Keno, Poker, Live games, and over 50 slots, you will surely find something suitable for your gaming club.

The most successful slot machines by Pragmatic Play:

  •  Mustang Gold
  • Wolf Gold
  • Juicy Fruits
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Buffalo King Megaways


The iGaming market changes its vector as often as a weather vane on a ship’s mast. In this article, we looked at the main segments of the market. If you already own an online casino, you don’t necessarily need to change your game library to accommodate new trends. In our opinion, you need to find a balance based on the target audience of your site. If you want to add live games to your project, Ezugi API and Vivo Gaming API solutions are perfect for you. Do you prefer colorful and stable slot machines more? NetEnt API is what you need. And if you would like to attract more users with mobile devices, choose Pragmatic Play API. 

We have been working with each of these providers for a long time and can find a comprehensive solution for your business as well. The integration of almost any game API is available through a single point. We do our best to cooperate with our customers and partners. 

Why Casino Games Aggregator Is a Great Solution

It’s a well-known fact that the diversity of Gaming Content has a direct impact on audience loyalty & the attraction of new clients. Demand creates supply, therefore the gaming industry is saturated with a huge variety of providers offering software and content of all kinds. Do casino owners really have to keep an eye on things permanently and make a deal with dozens of iGaming software suppliers to stay afloat? Not at all, and that’s what casino games aggregator is for.

Online casino aggregator is an integration layer between the operator and the casino provider, combining thousands of games from the best game developers into a single out-of-the-box product. In other words, aggregator is an all-in-one software solution for operators which makes its life much easier and has many advantages over direct integration. 

Pros of The Aggregator:

  • No More Paperwork

When integrating directly with each game provider, gaming club owners face a huge amount of paperwork, complicated negotiations and KYC procedures which take too much precious time and recourses. A casino aggregator, on the other hand, partners with providers on its own and all you have to do is sign just one contract with the aggregation company and focus on more important tasks such as consumer research and marketing campaigns. 

  • Favorable Terms

According to the above, casino aggregator provider cooperates with many gaming software suppliers and casino operators at the same time. High volumes allow it to negotiate with game vendors effectively and offer the lowest prices and the best terms to its customers. The fee is a single price for the entire range of services, including payment solutions, exclusive gaming content and innovative software. 

  • Thousands of Casino Games In One Hub

Online casino aggregator provides over 2000 exclusive games in a single package. Collaboration with the leading iGaming suppliers allows the aggregator to offer ever-expanding gaming software. However, aggregation companies cooperate not only with the top casino software developers, but also with up-and-coming startups that implement non-standard and pioneering solutions.

  • Single Direct API Integration

Casino aggregator creates a single set of algorithms that take into account the technical features of each game supplier and customer requirements. Although the gameplay mechanics are similar from one provider to another, certain suppliers may use their own specific protocols. Interacting with an aggregator company will save you hundreds of hours that you would have spent negotiating with each provider, delving into documentation and dealing with technical support. 

It becomes obvious that aggregator is an indispensable assistant for both novice casino owners and experienced representatives of gaming industry, because it significantly simplifies business processes, helps to save time and money, provides unified technical support, cutting edge payment systems and constantly updated gaming software database. 

Due to the high demand for this solution, there is a wide range of such companies on the market right now. When choosing an aggregator, gaming club owners should pay attention not only to the variety of integrated games, but also to the technical side of the software and the quality of support services. 

Imperium Games collaborates with well-known iGaming providers in the gaming world, such as Wazdan, 1xbet, Evolution, Ezugi, Vivo Gaming, Pragmatic, etc. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced casino aggregator, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

P4P: Sports Betting API Solution

Imperium-Games introduces the merits of performance-based advertising. We also can tell you about the Sports Betting API Solution, which is provided by our company. We will talk about the stages & rules of creating a promotional campaign. You will know the KPIs of a successful P4P Advertising on the Web. Stay tuned!      

Performance Marketing: Buy Online Slot Games

Pay for Performance Marketing is a kind of marketing in which the buyer pays to promote the iGaming website only when there are measurable results. Before promoting one’s website, the operator may buy online slot games to have something to advertise. 

We use performance promotion when it is necessary to increase the conversion rate on the Gaming site. This will raise the average check, enhance the profitability of the online casino as well the cost-effectiveness of advertising expenses. Some operators use advertising in order to improve the iGaming site’s branding. The API Software of Sports Betting will ultimately play a big role in the branding of your gaming site.

Performance marketing is used to promote gaming sites on the web and is rarely used to promote land-based casino rooms. The advertising method is closely related to digital tools, Big Data, and other advanced technologies. If you’ve ever been interested in integrating gaming products into your website, then we suggest you consider Wazdan Casino Games.

Wazdan Casino Games: Performance Marketing

Let’s take a look at the main merits of Wazdan Casino Games performance advertising, as well as promoting sports lines if you are still interested in the Sports Betting API Solution.

A Comprehensive Approach

A performance campaign brings together many marketing strategies & effective tools. Before marketing your gaming platform, buy online slot games – good Gaming Content attracts loyal customers. 

Specialists use SEO, SMM, social media targeting, direct & native advertising. You can cooperate with affiliates, delegate some tasks to outsource, post target publications on marketplaces, and do remarketing. 

Affordable Price: Online Poker API

Wazdan casino games, buy online slot games, online poker API, API Software Sports Betting, Sports Betting API Solution

The client pays only for the eventual result – earned profits, the number of clients attracted, the reduced advertising costs. We perform a careful research of each promotion source, which allows you to optimize your advertising costs. Moreover, our Online Poker API & Sports Betting API Solution are both a worthwhile & reasonable investment. 

API Software of Sports Betting: Relevance 

Any operator adjusts its marketing campaign strategy here and now. Political events plus the economic situations affect the performance of competitors. To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace. The API Software of Sports Betting by Imperium-Games often wins in the workplace. If advertising is not profitable, it is quickly phased out. Vice versa: Good conversions & revenue streams encourage operators to invest even more in marketing by focusing on certain promotional tools.

Wazdan Casino Games: Metrics

The visibility of indicators via real sales is a strong point of performance marketing. You can easily identify how much revenue a particular promotion channel or group of consumers has brought in. It’s also possible to measure which particular tiles are most popular among players. Wazdan Casino Games that our company provides will appeal to the most sophisticated gambler. Buy Online Slot Games by Imperium-Game to increase your profits! 

Performance advertising produces concrete business outcomes that are easy to convert into KPIs. In most cases, KPIs are related to revenue, gambler & the average check.

Online Poker API: Key Takeaways

Performance marketing is a sought-after technique for promoting online casinos. If you want to run your own Gaming Club, then first we advise you to buy online slot games. We offer the Online Poker API for those who want to run card games and the API Software of Sports Betting for those who want to expand the sports line on their site. 

The strengths of performance marketing of the game site include its relevance, comprehensive approach, great merits, affordable price. Together, all these ensure high efficiency of promotion with concrete results (increase in conversion rate, increase in profit) in a short period of time.

We use effective methods of promotion and take into account the rules of gaming advertising in the chosen jurisdictions. 

You can buy profitable and reliable gaming products from us:

  1. Online Poker API.
  2. Sports Betting API Solution.
  3. Casino Games by Wazdan & Many Other Providers.
  4. You can buy online slot machines & sweepstakes software.
  5. Crypto Gaming Payment Gateway.

Please contact us when you have a chance.

New Coronavirus Strains & Online Casino Content Aggregator

The COVID-19 pandemic that has invaded our life has fundamentally damaged its usual course. Changes have touched all areas of business, as well as the Gaming Industry & Gambling Content. We will tell you how to save your business and increase your income when it’s not the easiest circumstances. Our experts will give you sound advice & offer smart software tools to help you do the Casino Content.

Lockdowns and other quarantine policies have become routine over the past two years. And it seems that the disease is not going to give up. After Omicron, according to WHO officials, other strains will appear. For this reason, those who play on the Gaming Market must develop a sustainable business strategy, fully tuned to the constraints that will be forced on them.

The shifts that new strains of the infection can bring about might be worthwhile if you follow these rules:

  1. Move Business Online. We have many Gaming products for WEB 3.0 you might want to implement. You can offer SG Interactive Games to your Website & App players.
  2. Analyze Advertising Campaign Performance.
  3. Protect Сlient Сonfidentiality.
  4. Enhance the Gambling Content Portfolio.

Let us elaborate on the highlights of this list.

The Digitalisation of Gaming: SG Interactive Games

Land-based casino operators were among the first to feel the consequences of the spread of COVID-19. Many gambling halls and betting shops were forced to close. The owners found themselves on the verge of bankruptcy.

The best way out of this situation is a smooth – full or partial – transition to the online environment. You can always buy a fish game via our offering solution. The operators of land-based establishments have a good opportunity to open an online lineup, launching live platforms with such popular games as:

  1. Blackjack;
  2. Baccarat;
  3. Roulette;
  4. Sik Bo.

Gaming rooms are ideal for hosting live studios and streaming 24/7. SG Interactive Games are supplying top-notch Gaming products on the market. The benefits of the solution are obvious:

  1. Growth of users. Popular content featuring live croupiers is a great way to gain a new audience and retain regular customers who are loyal to the house.
  2. Lowest costs. It is much easier to upgrade an existing gaming hall to meet the requirements of a live studio than to create a streaming studio from scratch.
  3. Staff Retention. Employees of the land-based casino will not be out of work. Operators will not lose valuable employees, because the skills of dealers as well as administrators are required in the studio work just like in the land-based casinos.

How is the pandemic affecting the traffic of gaming resources?

Statistics show a significant increase in user interest in online gaming during the pandemic. This trend, according to analysts’ forecasts, will continue, and by the beginning of 2024 the market volume will be about $105 billion. You should invest even more in your casino content.

The increase in traffic at the peak of the pandemic can be explained by several reasons:

  1. Accessibility in isolation. At a time when cafes, cinemas, and theaters to enjoy entertainment have become unavailable, Gaming has become one of only a few ways to have fun at home.
  2. The cure for boredom. People have a lot of free time and the need to occupy it with something. Online casinos are a good way to distract from negative thoughts, relieve stress, reduce anxiety & bright emotions.
  3. An opportunity knocked. Given that many people have lost their jobs, the chance to win at Roulette & Poker or Hit the Jackpot on the slots looks especially appealing.

Making the online environment as comfortable as possible for gamblers will help high-quality software products that can monitor the status of gaming accounts in order to provide operators with extensive reporting. You can always buy a fish game via our offering solution

The Safety of Gaming Sites & Casino Content

Players fearlessly place large stacks of money on those resources where they feel protected from external risks. To retain the target audience, operators should take care of reliable protection from:

  1. Tech Hacks;
  2. Theft of personal data;
  3. Transaction fraud.

Providing such a level of security is capable of advanced software, which can be ordered at Imperium-Games – an online casino content aggregator.

The Gambling Content Strategy in 2022

The content of casinos & betting sites is especially crucial in a pandemic situation. To attract a large audience, it is necessary to understand what can interest players today. You should enhance your gambling content to reach new people.

Alarming events, quarantine measures, the flow of negative information – all this encourages people to search for a drive, new experiences, vivid emotions. Therefore, when choosing the themes & genres, one should give preference to truly exciting games with dynamic plots, without forgetting about the classics.

Mobile Gaming Platform impacts the entire iGaming industry

The Mobile Gaming Platform has created an excellent chance for many players to gamble at online casinos. Everyone who owns a smartphone can feel the thrill now. Simply a few taps on the screen, he enjoys playing his preferred casino games. Mobile Slots are extremely popular now. Casino software providers are trying to focus on a proprietary Mobile Gaming Platform. Over the last few years, the demand for such software has grown considerably. Everybody has a smartphone, meaning everyone is a future client of a gaming club. Priorities have changed, the entire iGaming industry is experiencing a renaissance

Best Times for Mobile Casinos

Mobile phones have transformed the digital casino world more than anything before. There are thousands of gaming clubs on the Internet. Every day is a battle for traffic as well as for each user. Imagine the possibilities of a Mobile Gaming Platform! Demand creates its own supply. Almost all the most famous providers offer solutions for mobile casinos. Quckspin, Amatic, NetEnt make Casino Games for Android. The industry is growing because of tremendous demand. A long-standing trend in the slot machine business is to move popular casino games to Mobile Slots versions. The mobile gaming platform improves every time a new product is introduced, relegating outdated solutions to the past of gaming history.

The new paradigm of the gaming industry have changed the iGaming forever. This new step in the development of gaming has allowed players to enjoy The Best Mobile Slots. For some, this trend will bring huge losses, but someone will catch the jackpot. Changes always leave losers and winners. Many online casinos are creating their own mobile gaming platforms in preference to browser-based ones. They need to create a mobile online casino that will provide all players with a satisfying experience. The investment pays off as service providers are now able to reach more mobile users.

An HTML5 Technology: Mobile Slots Feature

Since the appearance of HTML5 – Mobile Slots have become many times more colorful and optimized. HTML5 makes it possible to play your favorite casino games instantly from your phone. The new solution delivers a smooth gameplay experience on mobile gaming platforms. The popularity of Mobile Slots has grown. All the best studios have become much more focused on Casino Games for Android. Right now it is one of the most in-demand products on the software market.

The Hottest Casino Games for Android

Now, every Mobile Gaming Platform has a huge selection of Android Casino Games. It’s always Mobile Slots, Card & Table Games, Baccarat & Keno. The most thrilling slot machines are the original solutions for smartphones. The most popular OS is Android. Here are some of the iconic casino games for Android:

  1. Big Fish Games. Big Fish Games is a developer on Google Play. They have a ton of casino games. Most of them are variants of popular slot games.
  2. Blackjack by Tripledot Studios. The game comes with plenty of bonuses, simple mechanics & navigation.
  3. Casino Frenzy. Casino Frenzy is a bit typical when compared to other Android casino games. It features a nice combo of slots and video poker rooms.
  4. Full House Casino. Full House Casino is another popular all-in-one option of casino games. It features mostly slots. There is also Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Poker, Baccarat, Casino Bingo.
  5. Huuuge Games. Huuuge Games is one of the biggest developers of the casino apps on Google Play. These days, the developer focuses mainly on Mobile Slot Games.


New technologies for mobile devices appear every month. It’s like a big race for the fastest-growing part of the gaming business. In general, Mobile Gaming Platforms are one of the most in-demand solutions. Imperium-Games provides turnkey Mobile Gaming Platform services. We have been in this business for a long time and collaborate with the world leaders in mobile casinos. You can contact our managers and inquire about the product.  

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