Space Wars 2 Powerpoints by NetEnt

Now introducing the next intergalactic classic, Space Wars 2 Powerpoints. NetEnt welcome players back to an out of this world experience, with the sequel of the much-loved game Space Wars.

After the popularity of the original intergalactic showdown, Space Wars 2TM Powerpoints brings players’ favorite adorable aliens, such as Brute, back to the reels – with an added twist. Featuring the brand-new mechanic Powerpoints, Column Blasters, Zappers, explosive combinations, Free Spins and an exciting Buy Feature, this game is running on rocket fuel.

The aim of the game is to fill up the Powerpoints meter! 

At the top of the reels, this meter records the amount of Powerpoints players achieve. Every match win will award Powerpoints and take players one step further along the meter. As it fills up, players move up the levels and increase their win multiplier. And while they continue to spin and play, players need to keep a keen eye out for the Zapper symbol. A 5 or 6 symbol match in the main game awards this symbol and will remove a number of symbol types from the reels – anywhere between 1-4 types of symbols – and can even appear in the Free Spins rounds. 

But there’s more! Players can also enjoy each of these individual features – the Zapper, the Column/Row Blaster, and the Bomb – in a thrilling series of combos. All players need to do is land these feature symbols adjacent to each other to explode the reels with wins.

 1000 or more Powerpoints in the main game activates Free Spins – and this is where things really start to blast off. If players are looking to rule the galaxy, this is where to do it, and the number of Free Spins awarded entirely depends on how many Powerpoints players are able to collect throughout the game.

With a high volatility and a return to player rate (RTP) of 96.05%, this game will bring players back to a well-loved favourite andset the stage for a whole new Space Wars extravaganza.


Winning ticket for Powerball’s $366.7 million jackpot sold in Vermont. Here’s the tax bite for the winner

If you’re holding the winning ticket for Powerball’s $366.7 million jackpot, don’t forget about your silent partner: Uncle Sam.

After rolling higher for about two months of three weekly drawings with no winner, the lottery game’s top prize was nabbed in Wednesday night’s drawing. The ticket was purchased in Vermont, which marks the first time the jackpot has been won in that state. 

Of course, the advertised amount isn’t what the winner will end up with. Whether the prize is taken as an annuity of 30 payments over 29 years or as an immediate, reduced cash lump sum, taxes end up taking a big bite out of the windfall.

For this jackpot, a required federal tax withholding of 24% would reduce the $208.5 million cash option — which most jackpot winners choose — by about $50 million.

More tax likely due after initial federal withholding

However, the top federal marginal tax rate is 37%, which applies to income above $523,600. In other words, there likely would be additional taxes due at tax time. For illustration purposes: If the winner had no reduction in income — for example, significant charitable contributions from the winnings — another 13%, or $27.1 million, would be due to the IRS ($77.1 million in all).

There also would be a 6% Vermont state tax withholding, which would mean $12.5 million going to state coffers right off the bat, with more generally due (the state’s top rate is 8.75%).

Odds of a Powerball jackpot win: about 1 in 292 million

The winner gets one year to claim the prize, and may be able to stay anonymous by claiming the money via a trust. It’s recommended that jackpot winners assemble a team of professionals to help navigate the claiming process, including an attorney, financial advisor and tax advisor.

Sometimes lottery prizes go unclaimed. In fact, a $1 million Mega Millions prize expires Thursday at 5 p.m.

The Powerball jackpot has reset to $20 million for the next drawing, which is scheduled for for Saturday night. The Mega Millions jackpot, meanwhile, stands at $360 million ($199.3 million cash option) for Friday night’s pull.

The chance of a single ticket matching all six numbers drawn in Powerball is about 1 in 292 million. For Mega Millions, it’s 1 in 302 million.


Battle over smoking in New Jersey casinos pits workers’ health against profits

Legislation pending in New Jersey’s statehouse would end the exemption Atlantic City casinos have long enjoyed from a statewide ban on indoor smoking in public places. About 2,500 casino workers have united to push for the ban. And the state’s governor supports it, as well.

“If a bill came to my desk, I would sign it,” Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, said in December.

The casino industry is fighting the effort, saying it’s worried about a ban’s potential impact on jobs and profits.

The move could cost about 2,500 jobs, said a February study by Spectrum Gaming Group, commissioned by the Casino Association of New Jersey. A complete smoking ban could cause gaming revenue to tumble between 20% to 25%, according to an analysis John DeCree, gaming equities analyst for CBRE. Smokers account for 21% of Atlantic City gamblers and traditionally produce higher profits as smokers sit longer and spend more money, according to the Spectrum report.

“My roulette and blackjack and slot machine in smoking sections make 50% more money than my non smoking games,” Joe Lupo, president of Hard Rock Atlantic City and president of the Casino Association of New Jersey, told CNBC. “That’s a fact.”

Lupo said many Hard Rock employees do not support a change to smoking restrictions because they worry about their livelihoods, and he insisted opponents of casino smoking are in the minority but are getting all the attention. Nearly 22,000 full-time and part-time workers are employed by the casinos in Atlantic City, according to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

“The dogs who bark the loudest are heard,” he said.

Tammy Brady is speaking up, and she’s hoping to get the attention of state legislators.

Brady, a dealer supervisor at Borgata, has worked in casinos for 37 years, since she was 18. She said she’s desperate to work in a smoke-free environment.

“That’s the worst part of my job. I would enjoy my job if it wasn’t for the smoke,” Brady said. Customers blow smoke directly in her face, she added. “It’s horrible. It’s just you have to sit there and just take it.”

Brady is on medical leave, getting treatment for breast cancer. “I’m worried about going back to my job in a smoking environment,” she told CNBC, tears streaming down her face.

There is no safe level of second hand-smoke, the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General has concluded. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cited a study that says 50% of the casinos sampled had air pollution levels known to cause cardiovascular disease after only two hours of exposure. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recommends a completely smoke-free environment. “Casino workers are at great risk to the health hazards caused by secondhand smoke, including heart disease, lung cancer, and acute and chronic respiratory illnesses,” the federal agency said.

“When you’re on a smoking game. It’s torture,” said Pete Naccarelli, a longtime dealer at Borgata, which is owned by MGM Resorts.

The company declined to comment for this story.

A long battle

This isn’t the first challenge to New Jersey’s casino exemption for indoor smoking. In 2008, Atlantic City banned it and gaming revenue dropped 20% in just the first week. Citing economic challenges and a worsening economy, the city reversed the smoking ban and Atlantic City casinos were once again permitted to offer smoking on 25% of the casino floor.

Unite Here, the union representing casino employees who aren’t dealers, opposes any effort to reinstitute a ban, worried about declining revenue and job cuts.

But the United Auto Workers Union, which represents dealers at three Atlantic City casinos, and the United Food and Commercial Workers, have since joined the effort to eliminate the casino smoking exemption.

“Our members include dealers who sit inches away from patrons who blow smoke directly into their face for eight hours a day, every single day,” said UAW. “It is simply unacceptable, knowing what we know about the dangers of secondhand smoke.”

Last month, hundreds of casino workers held a rally in Atlantic City to push for the legislation to completely ban smokingwhich is pending in the Assembly and SenateThe legislation has 43 co-sponsors, including legislators from Atlantic City. The rally also marked the 16th anniversary of a New Jersey law banning smoking indoors. The Smoke Free Air Act took effect on April 15, 2006, and prohibited smoking in almost every workplace and place open to the public – except casinos.

While casinos worry their smoking patrons would stay away, some Atlantic City visitors they’d like to enjoy clean air.

Princess Foster, a tourist from Pennsylvania, said she would welcome a smoking ban in casinos. “The first thing that confronts me is cigarette smoke. We try to scurry through because we don’t want to inhale,” she said.

Smoking is only permitted on 10% of the gaming floor at Hard Rock Atlantic City, according to Lupo, with much more non-gaming space where smoking is prohibited. “Through Covid, we’ve done air filtration studies that validate that our air filtration is much much better than any of the other buildings throughout the states.”

The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recently sent a letter to the Casino Association of New Jersey, insisting there are no current ventilation systems that are effective against secondhand smoke and that they can only reduce odor and discomfort.

Hard Rock International Chairman Jim Allen met last week with Murphy, the governor, about the pending legislation. Allen told CNBC the industry needs to work with regulators to find middle ground, but he is worried about a complete about-face in New Jersey.

“The majority of our employees do not want to see a complete smoking ban because, unfortunately, they know it’s going to have a direct impact on the gratuities,” he said.

Hard Rock owns and operates casinos in other states that prohibit smoking indoors, though Native American tribes set the rules in casinos on sovereign tribal land. But Allen says in Ohio, the heated outdoor gaming patio has been very popular with patrons who smoke.

Where nearby casinos permit smoking, they might gain a competitive edge, according to DeCree of CBRE. “In markets like Chicagoland, New Orleans, and at Mountaineer in West Virginia, where customers had conveniently-located smoking alternatives, gaming revenue declined 20%+ in the first year after smoking was banned,” he wrote.

A shift on smoking

But DeCree’s analysis and Spectrum Gaming’s report are based on pre-pandemic results. Andrew Klebanow, a senior partner at C3 Gaming, said Covid caused a major shift in attitudes regarding smoking.

“Basically what happened was smoking prohibitions were implemented at no economic cost. Consumers didn’t react negatively, they kept coming in because they enjoy gambling,” he said. “Not what we expected to see, based on all the historical data we had prior to the pandemic.”

He predicts casinos that don’t go smoke-free are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage. His assessment is based on results in Pennsylvania, where Mount Airy Casino Resort stayed smoke free and saw revenues rise slightly – while its competitor Mohegan Sun Pocono which allows smoking saw revenues slightly decline.

The Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, which is two hours from Atlantic City, opted to remain smoke free as well, even when the state lifted restrictions. Spokesman Marc Oppenheimer said there’s been no noticeable impact to revenue and that Parx continues to gain market share. Surveys show their guests prefer a smoke-free environment, he added.

Casinos in surrounding states like New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Maryland do not allow indoor smoking.

But, Hard Rock’s Lupo insists, Atlantic City’s economy is in a precarious recovery from Covid closures in 2020. “For us to have layoffs at a time at this time is dangerous and negatively impactful to the casino.”

Nicole Vitola, a table games dealer at Borgata, said she doesn’t buy the threat about jobs.

“They’re adding virtual dealers; they’re not worried about the job losses there,” she said. “When they went to online gaming, they weren’t worried about the job losses there. But when it comes for us saving our lives, they’re worried about the job loss. It doesn’t make sense.”


Research: 49% of gamers would deposit more

As US gaming continues to grow, the payment solutions package provided by operators has become crucial in driving retention and lifetime player value. Why?  

We discuss this all-important area of business for operators with PayNearMe’s VP & Head of Marketing, Anne Hay, and VP for iGaming and sports betting, Leighton Webb, using data gathered from 2,050 iGaming players across 19 states. 

Hay: We gathered data on the player’s experience with operator payment solutions, focusing on three key areas. We focused on age groups, from 18 to 65+, male vs female, and frequent vs casual bettors. Some of the most interesting differences can be seen between frequent and casual bettors. Frequent bettors were defined as placing one or more bets a week, and casual bettors as less than once a week.  

How important is it for you to have access to the following deposit options when depositing funds for online gambling/sports betting?

betting deposits, gambling deposits, deposit more

The research uncovered four key insights: 

  1. Choice matters. Bettors expect a wide range of options for making deposits and withdrawals. Some options bettors want aren’t even available in the US today. 
  2. Experience is everything. Slow deposits and withdrawals are hurting the player experience. The research indicated that the withdrawal process was 10% more painful than depositing. This is probably not surprising given the checks and balances that go into the withdrawal process. However, the research showed that with minor improvements, this process can be sped up significantly. The biggest issue for players was the length of withdrawal time.
  3. Information privacy. This is an area where the difference between frequent and casual really stood out. Casual bettors in particular were wary of sharing additional financial information to sign up. There’s an expectation around privacy and anonymity, to protect personal information.
  4. Preferences. Different bettors have different preferences, particularly frequent vs casual bettors. There is a need for operators to meet the expectations of both early adopters and casual bettors as the industry matures. It’s imperative for operators to retain players they work hard to attract to the site, given the incredible cost of acquisition per player operators spend. Many operators in the US are finding current acquisition costs unsustainable, $1,000+ per player.  

An important point here is that an operator does not officially acquire the player until a deposit is made. You may have a player visit your site, but until they make a deposit you haven’t acquired anyone. It’s a lot to spend on drawing a player to your site without giving any attention to that point of acquisition. It’s important, too, to make it seamless and frictionless for a player to complete the deposit. The data showed that the point of deposit represented a barrier, because the process was not seamless. Many said they would leave and try again at some point down the line, or leave and never come back. If you’re an operator opening up in a new state – the process of which is a bit of a land grab – then you have one chance to get a strong foot in the door. If you turn off players, particularly casual bettors from the offset, the likelihood of them coming back is pretty slim. 

How would having access to your preferred withdrawal types affect your withdrawal behavior?

iGaming withdrawals, betting withdrawals

Webb: I think the research shows that payments are more than just physically moving the money. When you look at choice, an operator shouldn’t have choice for the sake of it; but choice that supports the player experience, preferences and, of course, privacy. I was on a call last week with a Tier 1 operator in the US, who asked: “It seems like there’s an unlimited number of tenders we could have in our cashier, but what is the optimal tender mix, what is the best combination?” So choice is important, but it has to be the right mix so that the overall payment experience isn’t degraded, or confusing for the player. It has to be a mix that players are comfortable with, featuring tenders that players are used to using in their everyday lives. This way, when a player enters an application, you’ve lowered the entry barrier for a player.

PayPal is a great example. People use PayPal across their everyday lives, so having PayPal in an iGaming or sports betting application adds a layer of comfortability. The research backs this, 64% said PayPal was an important option, and this is backed up by the operators we speak to. On the other hand, Cash App, which is not available for operators in the US and is not available at all in the global iGaming space, was a tender type that 56% of respondents claimed would be their preferred tender. These two tender types (PayPal and Cash App) are very similar, in terms of the brand, the level of trust people have in them and the ease of use. Put this up against a tender type that players aren’t as familiar with and there are some operator sites that players are less familiar with, which is not good for the player or operator.  

How long does it typically take for you to receive funds from your online gaming account after initiating a withdrawal?

online gaming account

The other factor to keep in mind is that the US is a far less mature market than the UK and Europe. So when we talk about early adopters vs casual bettors, it’s an area that is extremely important right now in the US market. What the data has told us is that early adopters are more willing to go through any added complexity, any added hurdles to make that sign-up official with an operator, and simply wait for a more optimal payment option to come along. However, as the US market matures, one thing each state will see as it grows is that it will exhaust the acquisition of early adopters, and need to try to convert casual players into more frequent ones. These casual players are likely to have different sets of expectations and different tolerance levels, regarding deposits and withdrawals on an application.

What’s more, it’s worth noting that in the US, iGaming is only available in five states today. As iGaming continues to become more regulated in the US, we know this market has a different profile, it draws the more casual player in the US. Early adopters, the ones who bet frequently in the US, are associated far more with sportsbooks. They understand the steps associated with the process and are willing to go through all sign-up procedures. The takeaway from this is that operators need to think about payments as more than just physically moving the money, and think about it more as the overall experience. This touches everything from choice, the experience, the design, the flow of a website or application and communication with players.

This all ties in with privacy and trust. Operators need to think about their payment options holistically, that way they can best manage costs. As Anne said, customer acquisition costs are extraordinarily high for operators; there’s no way most of them can continue to spend upwards of $1,000 per player on acquisition costs. One of – if not the main way – to pull down customer acquisition costs is to do a better job at converting those players who download the app or visit the site, and go through to make a successful deposit. Plus, you can’t talk customer acquisition and forget lifetime value. So you need to make sure you’re retaining those users, and one of the ways to retain users is to make sure that their overall experience is a positive one. By that, I mean a successful withdrawal.



30th June 2022: Pragmatic Play, a multi-vertical content provider to the iGaming industry, welcomes players to engage with its sweetest release of the year, Sugar Rush™.   

Featuring reels packed with sugary-inspired symbols, the action takes place on a 7×7 grid, utilising a cluster pays system to land impressive wins in this sweet slot. 

Five or more matching symbols are required to build a winning cluster, and those involved must be connected to each other in either a horizontal or vertical direction.  

Wins also trigger the tumble feature, but players won’t want to miss Multiplier Spots, which ensures that when a winning symbol explodes, it leaves a wrapper in its position on the grid. 

When another symbol explodes on the reels in the same spot as the wrapper, a multiplier is added, with the value doubling each time another explodes in its place until the maximum multiplier worth 128x the bet is reached. 

Landing three or more scatters unlocks the Free Spins bonus round, awarding a number of free spins depending on how many scatters landed to trigger the feature. Instant access to this round can also be bought for the price of 100x the bet. 

The launch of Sugar Rush™ follows recent hit games like Big Bass Splash™, Queen of Gods and Fortune of Giza™ which reside amongst a collection of over 200 titles in Pragmatic Play’s award-winning games portfolio. 

Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “We are so excited to deliver a sweet treat to our audiences just in time for summer, arriving in the form of a delectable new slot. 

“The tumble mechanic utilised in the game combines neatly with the Multiplier Slots feature, delivering explosive outcomes and the potential for lucrative wins.” 

Pragmatic Play currently produces up to six new slot titles a month, while also delivering Live Casino and Bingo games as part of its multi-product portfolio, available through one single API. 


Macau casinos remain open amid COVID closures

Macau has introduced a fresh round of closures to curb a recent rise in Covid-19 cases, though casinos will stay open.

A number of leisure facilities have been ordered to close following a sudden surge in coronavirus cases over the past week.

Cinemas, hair salons and nightclubs are among those facing closure from 5 pm local time today, while dine-in service at restaurants or similar establishments is prohibited, a statement on Macau’s government website read.

In addition, all leisure facilities managed by Macau’s Municipal Affairs Bureau, such as parks, gardens and exhibition halls, are being suspended from operation.

But casinos have evaded closure, despite several infections linked to them. Four positive cases were recorded in relation to an 18 June wedding held at SJM Holdings’ Grand Lisboa Palace.

And yesterday, the city’s daily testing identified two dealers, alongside a table game manager, office worker and a cleaner, as cases originating from casinos.

Earlier today, Macau’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre reported that 110 positive cases had thus far been detected.

This comes as citywide nucleic acid testing (NAT) is launched. All local residents and individuals staying in Macau must submit to testing.

Executive Order No. 102/2022, which introduces the latest closures, was issued by Chief Executive Ho lat-seng based on an evaluation by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre.

Besides the aforementioned properties subject to this order, theatres, indoor amusement parks, game centres, cybercafes, billiard rooms, bowling centres, saunas, massage parlours, beauty salons, gyms, health clubs, karaoke lounges, discos, dance parlours, cabaret venues and swimming pools will all close.


Don’t pay attention to the spread of the flu! Get your gaming business up and running!

IGT inks 10-year contract extension with Kansas Lottery

International Game Technology (IGT) will continue to support the Kansas Lottery through mid-December 2032.

Both parties have put pen to paper on a 10-year contract extension that will see IGT deliver an enhanced version of its Intelligen electronic gaming central system.

By integrating IGT’s upgraded Intelligen software, the Sunflower State’s lottery will purportedly receive the supplier’s “most advanced systems technology to strategically manage its electronic gaming machine (EGM) network.”

Under this new agreement, the Kansas Lottery will receive site controllers that will maintain network diagnostics and communications between all gaming machines, as well as business intelligence tools for day-to-day operations management and reporting.

“IGT’s upgraded Intelligen system will provide the Kansas Lottery with a suite of comprehensive tools designed to drive revenues and offer its players world-class gaming experiences,” said Jay Gendron, IGT’s Chief Operating Officer for Global Lottery.

“Intelligen’s improved system performance will also allow the lottery to manage its vast network with maximum efficiency over the next decade and position the lottery to deploy future functionality to meet the needs of the evolving gaming landscape.”

In addition to EGMs and its Intelligen central system, IGT also provides the Kansas Lottery with instant ticket games and printing services. The new contract will run through 14 December 2032.

The company previously agreed a three-year contract extension with the lottery in 2019 but that is set to end in December of this year. The original agreement was awarded to IGT in 2008.



The ongoing crypto crash is nothing to worry about according to Mark Cuban, as relaxing of crypto tax rules arrives in Germany this week.

OneCoin’s founder Ruja Ignatova, the notorious ‘CryptoQueen’, has been added to Europe’s list of most wanted people. Ignatova orchestrated one of the biggest scams in the history of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

She hoodwinked investors for billions of dollars back in 2017 and her brother was arrested in the US where he is still currently detained. Ignatova herself has disappeared with investigators speculating over where the cunning woman keeps the missing $5bn.

In the meantime, OneCoin, the scam project, has still been active in Bulgaria, where it was run from, under the nose of authorities.

Speaking of fraud, five state regulators in the US have slammed the Flamingo Casino Club, a metaverse casino with alleged ties to Russia that has been fraudulently associating itself with the prominent Flamingo Las Vegas casino.

Germany has introduced some changes to its legislation to make the sale of crypto tax-free if the cryptocurrencies are held for at least a year. This marks an important change in the way cryptocurrencies are regulated and should help with further adoption of these assets.

But attitudes towards cryptocurrencies haven’t been all warm and fuzzy, as Bankless, a popular educational YouTube channel on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, was banned by the Google-owned platform.

Regulators have been busy trying to figure out crypto fraud. The US Justice Department indicted Luiz Capuci Jr for a purported fraud scheme that had cost investors an estimated $62m. As the crypto market lost more than $1.2 trillion in value over the past few weeks, the events have been described as a “buyer’s market”.

Analysts see an opportunity for anyone who has been hesitant about cryptocurrencies to get started and involved with the process themselves. Meanwhile, there have been some interesting developments relating to the stablecoin market.

USD Tether lost five cents off its value. This is huge news because the cryptocurrency token is pegged to the value of the US dollar and it’s not supposed to be trading at $0.95 at all.

However, it was on Thursday. But all is well, as billionaire investor Mark Cuban is confident that the current cryptocurrency slump is just a “phase”, similar to what the internet went through in the 2000s.

In the meantime, you can still spend the weekend enjoying your favorite crypto casinos. Moreover, you can make your own gaming club. Please contact us when you have a chance.



A fraudulent casino project has been handed a 22-page cease and desist letter and asked to stop sales of its NFTs in five US states.

A metaverse casino projects with ties to Russia has been handed a cease-and-decease letter by five US state regulators.

The Flamingo Casino Club is accused of misleading investors into believing that the online casino is linked to the iconic Flamingo Las Vegas property.

The connection has been implied across the metaverse project to build up investor confidence and extract bigger investments.

However, the states of New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Alabama and Wisconsin have prepared a 22-page letter in which they address the fraudulent claims, and reveal it has ties to Russia.

The website IP of the NFT-inspired casino can be traced back to Moscow, raising another red flag.

The Flamingo Casino Club has made several false claims, including that it’s associated and in partnerships with Yahoo and MarketWatch.

Both claims have been disproved by the state regulators. In their letter, the watchdogs argued that the property is purposefully concealing its connection to Russia.

“Not only is it allegedly concealing its connection to Russia, but the Flamingo Casino Club is also allegedly using a phony office address, providing a telephone number that is not in service, concealing its actual physical location and hiding material information about its principals”, the letter reads.

The website is also suspected of other serious breaches, such as concealing information about use and origin of funds.

There is a lot of uncertainty around the project, which has made several ambiguous claims. Flamingo Casino Club has been telling participants that they will be entitled to 50% of the casino’s income by purchasing NFTs and participating in what now appears to be a Ponzi scheme.

The project’s website still displays the Las Vegas casino property which has denied all and any association.



The most high-profile iGaming event of the year will take place in Dubai soon, March 20-23. Gaming Expo SIGMA 2022 is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world of gaming. SIGMA Dubai in 2021 has gathered a great excitement. The leaders of the world’s gaming companies discussed the development of the sphere after the pandemic and new trends in the world of iGaming software. And this discussion expected to continue at the upcoming event. The Sigma Festival is a world leader among the other Expos. 

Participants will discuss the development of the Gaming Market and innovations that can improve the whole sphere and the transition to cryptocurrency payment methods. Associates of our company Imperium-Games will also visit this forum and take part in the discussion on the better future of the iGaming. 

We plan to take a closer look at the latest software developments from the well-known companies, as well as show our pioneering solutions related to online casino cafés and bitcoin gaming clubs. It is a very precious and important experience to be at such a large-scale event. We hope to enhance the quality of our service, we care about our customers and want to provide only the best experience to the players.

Every year, the Gaming Festival attracts more than 1,500 participants from all over the world. Businessmen, gaming club owners, and representatives of the most famous software suppliers will meet to discuss the market development. This year’s event promises to be very fascinating thanks to the major industry participants. You can see the floor plan on the official site. We are expecting the industry giants such as BETB2B, iGame, Playtech, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, King Billy, Pragmatic Play, and CEO’s of more than 100 other iGaming industry companies at the event this year. 

Countless well-known providers and companies closely connected with the Gaming Business will act as sponsors and partners of SIGMA Dubai 2022. Provider Play’n GO and Pragmatic, EvenBet Gaming, and cryptocurrency platform Crypto Pay, there is even PokerStars as a partner of the forum. The event promises to be exciting and informative. When so many big named companies meet, it is always impressive to see how it will all appear and what products will be showed this time.

Bitcoin casinos as the main focus of discussion

The upcoming iGaming event will touch on the topic of Bitcoin casinos in current realities. If you follow the news, it’s no secret that all online casinos are gradually introducing cryptocurrency payment. Gaming establishments that accept solely cryptocurrency deposits have already appeared. It is no coincidence that so many players of the cryptocurrency business will gather at the upcoming Gaming festival. It is very intriguing to see what topics will be raised at the conference. 

Cryptocurrency is a big plus for the whole Casino Business. The ability to make payments anonymously gives numerous perks to casino operators and high-roller gamblers alike. Bitcoin casino creates new formats in the industry & enlivens it. But several big questions remain. Aren’t all the gaming websites moving too soon to cryptocurrency payment methods? Should online casino owners introduce such a feature in their house? How will it affect their profits? What is the future of bitcoin casinos? This is what the attendees of SIGMA 2022 Dubai will have to address.

Introduction to the program of SIGMA 2022 Dubai

SiGMA provides top-notch networking opportunities and awards to leading players of the Gaming Industry to  celebrate the achievements. The brilliant event will also include an art auction, all proceeds from which will go to the SiGMA Foundation for various charitable projects. The festival will also showcase the excellent online casino software solutions from various providers. 

You can see a list of software developers on the website form. Above we listed some of them. At the festival, you can also expect many top speakers from the world of iGaming. Amin Siala, a marketing development consultant from Google, will give a lecture on content marketing to all attendees. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, will talk about how to create big products and stop being afraid. It will be exceptional, and every operator can learn something new.

Meet the leaders, decision makers and technology experts who will help you create long-term success.   Contact us now by email: or dial us office: +447769946483

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