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The Gambling Business in 2021: Trends and Market Prospects

11 May 2021

The gambling industry is one of the few sectors of activity that has not only successfully recovered from the economic crisis of 2020, but has also grown tremendously.

Starting a casino business is the most profitable investment for the coming years. The Imperium-Games team permanently observes market trends and has created a list of the most promising directions. Also near the end of the article, we will talk in detail about sweepstakes software.


Since 2016, there has been rapid growth in the online sector. During the last reporting period, the gambling business brought more than 350 million euros to the country’s treasury.

Due to this situation, the government passed a law to legalize the online market at the level of state entities. The innovation will take effect in July 2021.

United States

The U.S. gambling market also experienced a major transformation. In 2021, most states decided to legalize the online gambling business.

Aristocrat Corporation has already announced its entry into the American market and the initiation of a live studio in Massachusetts. The project promises to become the largest industry venture in the region.


The country’s government entered into a financial agreement with the Netherlands. As a result of the agreement, the local gambling industry has undergone significant changes.

In February 2021, the local regulator conducted a full-scale market study on the need for legal reforms.

  1. Implementation of new rules for issuing gaming licenses;
  2. The creation of a new agency responsible for licensing offshore companies;
  3. Simplification of standards for monitoring operators’ compliance with local legal provisions.

Next Generation of Slot Machines

Despite the mass popularization of live content and social games, slot machines continue to occupy a central place in the catalogs of online casinos. If a decade ago the leadership was behind the fruit “one-armed bandits”, now the interactive story content is in vogue. You can order integration of slot machine games from Imperium-Games because we are also in vogue.

Casino player preferences in 2021

New mechanics

Today, products with an increased number of game combinations can be found in the portfolio of almost every major provider.

A Content Gamification

Slots are gradually moving away from the “bet-the-prize” format and becoming more diverse in terms of game features and options. The market is filled with interactive mechanics and products with a gradual development of the plot, several levels of difficulty, and side quests.

Mobile Gambling

The popularity of mobile games has led to the phenomenon of Mobile-First: the software is created for smartphones and tablets, and then adapted for desktop OS.

The Sweepstakes Software

Sweepstakes is an opportunity to get something interesting and expensive for free: from the latest gadgets like the iPhone X, a trip to any resort country to gift cards, and vouchers for popular stores. The bottom line is that most often all you have to do is fill out a form with personal information. Less often, you have to authorize your bank card. It’s an old trend that has now become more exciting. We have been developing such things for a long time.

The Main Thing about iGaming Trends in 2021

The gambling business has adapted to the changes in the economic market faster than any other branch of commerce. The industry not only maintained its position during the quarantine restrictions but also set a completely new vector of development for the Internet sector.

The most promising innovations of 2021:

  1. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The prospects of digital transactions have been evaluated by the largest financial and banking organizations in the world. Payments in electronic coins can be made through the service PayPal, and by the end of the year, a similar service will be provided by Visa Corporation.
  2. Mobile Play. The mobile market already accounts for more than half of the industry’s revenues, and the numbers continue to grow.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Games. The use of innovative IT tools offers investors a lot of prospects, including the possibility of a deeper analysis of behavioral reactions of the audience and rapid solutions to typical administrative tasks without manual intervention.

Imperium-Games is always up to date with the market trends and offers a new generation of turnkey casinos. There is a ready-made digital infrastructure with content for every taste. You can order additional services to optimize your business.

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