All you need to know about white-label online casino software What is a white label casino? White Label is a format of cooperation when products or services of one company are sold or leased to another company, which uses them under its own brand. In gambling, it is actually a turnkey casino purchase. At the same time, the business owner does not need to buy slot games for online casino and other software, create a website, deal with customer engagement and promotion. All this is provided by a large operator. In simple words, a well-known company takes a new brand under its care, shares its casino games for café, customers,… more
Casino Program: Facebook as a Perfect Traffic Source Often the owners of gambling establishments believe that the promotion of gambling in the realm of Facebook is too expensive and time-consuming. They are wrong! Promotion takes a minimum of time, and the profitability of this project will exceed the costs. If you want the integration of the slots games program to produce the greatest success - you simply must do advertising on the Web. Gambling Software: Casino Ads To fully understand the whole process of promotion of gambling on Facebook it is necessary to consider a variety of opinions on the subject. Zuckerberg is basically not against advertising Internet… more
Slot Machine Software: a worthy field for true businessmen The current vision for the gambling sector is brilliant: The industry is recovering quickly from the recession, and online casino operators are increasing the amount of funds available in countries where gambling is regulated. Currently, opening an online casino is no more problematic than opening an e-shop. Imperium-Games provides the optimal gaming software solution for all requirements. Most of the difficulties in the game business are not related to the quality or variety of the product, but to persistent stereotypes. If you need a casino website - buy one! Running a casino is definitely worth it. Yes, there are challenges… more
Buy a casino application for Italy: all the nuances Imperium-Games recommends to purchase gaming casino software for Italy. It is this prestigious and very significant country in the world that creates favorable prospects for many companies. The distinctive feature of the republic is clear legislative standards, as well as convenient interaction with highly profitable European regions. Gaming casino program: specifics of the Italian market Until 2009, Italy had a law banning gambling both on the Internet and in land-based establishments. The crisis of 2008 dramatically changed the situation. It prompted the local authorities to develop new methods to finance the budget. So Italy became the first European country to… more
Connecting Gaming Clubs in the Age of the Pandemic: Gaming Room Program Nowadays, the global quarantine crisis situation is not similar to the crisis phases that have happened in the past. Virtually all spheres of commerce have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The gambling sector is one of those that was affected the most. Almost all land-based casinos have been shut down. Key sporting activities have been delayed or canceled. A lot of industries are going through a recession. Creating an online casino is a good idea now because many entrepreneurial processes have migrated to the Internet at an accelerated pace. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lottery business.… more

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